1. jason says

    While Ellen has helped on gay issues, she has also been counter-productive. There appears to be a two-faced aspect to what she does. I say this because it is known that Ellen has helped the careers of homophobes and those who support homophobes.

    For instance, she had Usher on her show despite the fact that Usher had reportedly uttered some quite negative sentiments about gay men. She had Rihanna on her show despite the fact that Rihanna joined Beenie Man on stage after the latter had been caught out on violently anti-gay lyrics that encourage the killing of members of the homosexual community.

    As I said, it’s this apparent two-faced aspect that I don’t like.

  2. Jason says

    Although I can’t stand liberals and Democrats and I’m gay so I guess i’m pretty much a two-faced hypocrite, as well. I mean, if I’m going to hate Ellen for the reasons I listed I guess I should hate the Republican party. But I don’t. Because I’m not exactly sane.

  3. MateoM says

    Jason, I’m sure you done so much more for the LGBT community than Ellen. So why don’t you show us your accomplishments? Show us the out and proud gay man you claim to be? I call your bluff, troll.

  4. andrew says

    So many people who post on this site accuse others of being trolls. The best I can figure is that a troll is someone who says things the poster disagrees with.

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