1. Alexander says

    I love Ellen and she’s an inspiration to all us gay people. screw lgbtqBLABLAHBLAH. We are THE GAY community and we should all be proud of how different we all are. ^_^

  2. uffda says

    BRAVO ALEXANDER…something like that. I would say we are the GAY PEOPLE and like everyone else we should live our truth as we feel it without harming or restricting anyone else.

    As for “proud” – the word bothers me in all of it’s minority usages.
    I am not “proud” to be black or white or gay or straight, I’m happy with or comfortable to be so. Using “proud” in this context is too resistful, even combative. I am not proud, as such, to be gay, rather I recognize, believe, that as a gay man I have a place in the scheme of things which is right and good. That’s not pride, it’s confident recognition.

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