1. voet says

    I cannot believe that anyone watches any of the “Real Housewives” series. They all are a bunch of ego-centric pathetic train wrecks. Andy Cohen must not have gotten the memo: their 15 minutes ended several seasons ago.

  2. Jason says

    Volet – their fifteen minutes is indirectly dictated by viewership, ratings & their fan base. Like it or not, their “15 minutes of fame” is continuing and doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon.

  3. Dan says

    It is amazing that they still get great ratings, with “Real Housewives of New Jersey” the highest-rated of them all. But remember, the endless squabbling and name-calling is lapped up by THEIR audience. It is not an indictment of all women, or all TV development execs, or anyone else. These specific shows, watched by a few million people each, resonate in the popular culture amongst a limited set of interested parties. That’s it. So don’t watch. Eventually most of us will get bored.

  4. Fruit-for-Peace says

    This is another example of why people are becoming SO brain-dead! For the amount of time to watch this kind of useless schlock, a person could have read a chapter or two in a good book of their choice, gone for a nice walk, or pretty much ANYTHING more productive than this crap. Watching is endorsing this kind of brain-deadening garbage. :-(

  5. says

    I could never stomach Jerry Springer…but TRHONJ are a guilty pleasure (scripts and all). I don’t doubt the animosity between the ladies…but I knew as soon as Teresa badmouthed her cousins dad that Rosie would fly off the handle. Each one is disturbed, but ‘Ro’ has a temper. Teresa should’ve known better. Teresa Giudice makes the show.

  6. AJ says

    Yuck. It’s all just so fake to me. I’m not gonna harp on Reality TV being the bane of existence. I caught a few seasons of this, but it’s just soooo fake. All of these Real Housewives ones are. And I would pimp slap Andy Cohen if I could. Can’t STAND him.

  7. Mike says

    Would pay good money to see that “victim” Tre get her head ripped off but nothing would be between the ears except for stolen “family” recipes and air.

  8. says

    well, actually, in the “it’s all fake” world there’s an element to the show that is sorta interesting.

    did anyone watch the genius TV Series “The Comeback”? Lisa Kudrow the underrated Goddess. Well, the inner-workings of her character, Valerie Cherish, and her inability to control perceptions of herself and her image and her quest for fame were the driving force of the show.

    the NJ housewives? You have Teresa – a woman who seems to forget that she’s not only being filmed in the one-on-one interviews; for all the “oh this is trash tv” talk (and yes , it is trash tv) there’s one aspect that is undeniable : this is a program where you can literally view and examine a delusional headcase fall apart on television. if you’ve ever caught an episode or two you’ll know what i’m talking about.

    Teresa is a textbook example of a living cancer. a woman who attacks others, and then cries victim when it comes back to her. a woman who constantly holds grudges and seethes over perceived slights in the past, yet insists on “not talking about the past” when it comes to her own wrongdoings. a woman who will be caught doing _______ on camera, and then in a solo interview will deny it all – despite the fact that there’s, you know, literally video evidence to the contrary.

    this is not to say it’s high art – it’s utterly the white castle drive-thru of reality TV. but in Teresa the american public is getting an up-close look at what happens to a person when they live each day from a place of lies and deception. the constant paranoia. the constant deflection. the inability to listen to anyone else, because every time someone speaks to her she tunes out so she can think of an (unintelligent and irrelevant) “comeback” quip.

    it’s not *just* trash tv. it’s a dissection of paranoia and the desperate quest for fame.

  9. ratbastard says

    Who the F watches this crap? I grew up around many people like this, and they are generally aholes. It’s unfathomable why anyone would be entertained by it.

  10. Jay says

    Little Kiwi…it’s kinda like watching (mostly) Republican candidates run for office (although some Dems seem to have their delusional schtick down pat too), isn’t it?

  11. says

    well, for any of us that grew up in functional-families it’s a glimpse into a strange world.

    it’s trainwreck tv. what’s “fascinating” about Teresa is the intensity of her desperation and hypocrisy. and yeah, it’s a lot like the GOP candidates: they have to make up lies about others in order to avoid having to tell the truth about themselves.

    rather than dealing with specifics they toss-off unintelligent sound-bite insults.

  12. ratbastard says

    @Lil’ Canadian,

    You do realize it’s mostly quite fake? It’s not reality, even among that subculture.

    If you’re interested in studying how the other half lives, I wouldn’t suggest ‘Reality’ TV.

  13. rob says

    I really enjoy RHONJ, as well as the other Housewives series, and some other reality shows. It’s good escapism. Don’t give me the ” you could have read a book” garbage – it’s like watching soap operas.

    Some people need to get off their high horse.

  14. MaddM@ says

    well I think there is just a market for shows where people are generally yelling and arguing- This, Jerry springer, Maury, bad girls club, what the real world/bunim-murray productions evolved into etc. In this way the real housewives (especially NJ) attracts the attention of people who like to stand to the side and watch people have an argument and yell. It might in part be kind of soothing to people with dysfunctional families, I think.

    In a way it is an adult clown show however clowns evolved from commedia dell’arte which is essentially what these shows also are, a group of stock characters behaving in predictable ways, which is the plot that’s really a separate thing going on.

    A third thing is like what Lil’ Kiwi is saying- some people like to watch functional trainwrecks, including Theresa, Ramona from NY, etc. Theresa is not a Charlize Theron level of actress, she is just a mess that is manageable and is willing to be paid to have people document that. In that way it is also like Intervention, although the intervention is actually the reunion.

    And I would shag andy cohen proper, with a gag to shut him up for 10 mins

  15. Miguel R. says

    So, I’m a smart guy, but RHONY and RHONJ are my guilty pleasures. In particular, I love the novelistic structure of RHONJ. How did Andy know that it would slowly unfold into the Balzacian tragedy we have before us? Andy did. Guy is an evil genius (and is kinda adorable.) That said, the funniest bitchy moment of the evening for me (as opposed to the screaming and cursing) was when Caroline said- When I was younger, I was Melissa. And Melissa just rolls her eyes and Teresa gives this mean girl laugh. Someone make a gif of their reactions, please? It was priceless.

  16. Jamie says

    I was subjected to this show only once, when my niece was visiting. She rented it from my Blockbuster @Home account, and I watched it with her for an evening. It really is a terrible show, as I was telling my DISH coworkers the next morning. As soon as my niece left town I exchanged the disk at my local Blockbuster store for something a little more to my liking (I’m a Castle fan). I love that I don’t have to keep disks that I dislike for any length of time, but some people really enjoy shows like this. Like it or not, the drama is entertaining, and I think it will probably continue indefinitely in one form or another.

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