GOProud Founder Chris Barron Stands By ‘Strong Ally’ Ann Coulter

ChrisbarrontConservative author Ann Coulter thought herself a laugh riot when she responded to national coming out day with a day of her own, "disown your son day". Most people with common sense found her comment to be deplorable, but not gay GOP activist Chris Barron.

Barron, a cofounder of the group GOProud, said that criticism of Coulter is "laughable". From The Advocate:

Coulter ally and GOProud cofounder Christopher Barron, however, told The Advocate on Wednesday, that GLAAD was overreacting to the author's joke.

He added that he knows Coulter personally, and that she "has been a strong ally of gay conservatives. Indeed, Ann has gone into the lion's den at places like CPAC to make the case that gay people should be welcomed in the conservative movement. The criticism of Ann by an organization like GLAAD is laughable."

Barron criticized the organization for honoring blogger Joe Jervis of after he and GOProud's leaders engaged in a verbal battle in recent years.

"As long as GLAAD thinks that is acceptable they can spare me the trumped-up selective outrage over a joke made by Ann. Putting GLAAD in charge of what passes as acceptable or unacceptable discourse is a little bit like putting a pyromaniac in charge of the fire department.

Yes, because the GOP's moralistic legislation stays away from defining "acceptability."


  1. jason says

    Well, GLAAD does seem to have a selective attitude. It seems to have a politically biased approach to gay rights, criticizing only some things that are considered anti-gay but not others. If we’re going to have a watchdog, so to speak, it needs to be completely objective and free of political motivation or other biases.

  2. CKNJ says

    Barron, GOProud and all his ilk (aka floormats and pissrags for the GOP) are pathetic, especially if they think that the zombie Coulter is a friend to anyone but her loathsome self.

  3. ZENO says

    There’s a big difference between “welcoming” gay people into the conservative movement and accepting gay (i.e., LGBT) people in the larger society. Ann Coulter is the right-wing jester and Christopher Barron is her trained monkey.

  4. borut says

    Come on, guys, you should really at least try to understand the Republican sense of humor. Jokes about gay sons being disowned are funny as hell. You know, just like bullying a kid perceived to be gay, attacking him and cutting off his hair. It’s hilarious!

  5. borut says

    Come on, guys, you should really at least try to understand the Republican sense of humor. Jokes about gay sons being disowned are funny as hell. You know, just like bullying a kid perceived to be gay, attacking him and cutting off his hair. It’s hilarious!

  6. says

    We really do waste our time worrying about these quislings, don’t we, myself included. Maybe if we stopped they’d go away. They’ll be remembered for who and what they are right along with the bigots and homophobes.

  7. says

    @ WILL, totally agree, I mean getting worked up about them is a waste of time. The majority of us are fighting for our rights and will pull ahead, progress and leave these fools behind. I worry about the homophobic politicians not their dogs that they kick who keep coming back for more. These GOProud-ers have absolutely no influence on anything. They are not worth our time.

  8. Chadd says

    GOProud is the only “gay” group I’ve have ever heard of that actually does absolutely zero to advance gay equality. In fact, they seem to actively work against it and embrace the most extreme elements of the Repub party. If it’s members are actually gay, I say we disown them. But I’m starting to think that GOProud is a hoax by some org like NOM with guys who say they’re gay for the sole purpose of basing gays – so NOM can say “see, even gays think marriage equality is wrong”.

  9. elangay says

    This idiot needs to get out of his highrise or estate and meet some of the wonderful LGBT kids who have been disowned by their parents. Dispicable. And dangerous.

  10. TonyJazz says

    Barron is such an embarrassment that I wish he’d go straight. At least that would explain the idiocy of his positions….

    Mr. Barron please take your red carpet and roll it up permanently….

  11. jamal49 says

    Chris Barron, of course you’ll stand by your buddy Ann Coulter. You and she shared lipstick and panties on the last White Party cruise around the Caribbean.

    Chris, darling, I am SO hoping I will, um, run into you around town. Why, I can see me spilling my drink all over you even as I write this.

    I might just accidentally jerk my knee into your groin and slap you upside that silly homo head of yours, you @$$wipe little twit.

  12. says

    well, duh.

    remember: Barron’s own parents, like all of the GOProud boy’s parents, hate having those resentful homosexuals for sons.

    if anyone can find a better depiction of Stockholm Syndrome I’d like to see it.

    Yeah. She’s an ally. And your parents also support you as gay men.

    His response is to be expected – GOProud boys embrace anti-gay bigotry from conservatives because, in their sad worlds, that’s the closest they’ll ever get to a hug.

  13. says

    Coulter TOTALLY is open to gay conservatives, just as the GOP is open to gays.

    All you have to do is cut off your balls, hate blacks and liberals, and lick the dogs**t off your fellow Republican’s boots.

    Also, it’s good to pretend the civil war wasn’t about slavery and if you can run around insisting that “you’re not like those other gays” you may even be allowed home for Christmas. MAYBE. Not likely, but maybe.

  14. walter says

    chris barron would help building the gas chambers if he thought he could get the respect and love from mommy and the repuks,he fails to realize they would push him in a minute. he really is the 21st century equivalent of a jew for hitler.

  15. Mike B. says

    @LittleKiwi To be fair, they hate all racial minorities, not just blacks. haha… Chris Barron is such a douchetard. Also, they don’t just hate liberals, the level of ridiculousness shows contempt for their own followers. I’m just a little bit tired of seeing legitimate media give them airtime/space.

  16. HOCKEYJOCK says

    I think the ‘Jewish nazi’ metaphor is the best way to characterize exactly how messed up this guy is.

    To excuse attacking (and mocking) a population that is currently disenfranchised is utterly ridiculous. He’s not helping ; he’s literally siding with someone who does nothing but bash us. He could use his position to change minds, instead he uses it to suck up to the GOP : aka, the party trying to prevent gay people from advancing. Utterly ridiculous.

    I sincerely hope anyone who gets the chance, uses it to show him how messed up he is.

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Mike B.: No. To be fair, they hate all minorities, except the categories they themselves belong to – and sometimes even then.

    @Little Kiwi: thanks, I needed a laugh.

  18. says

    What is the Advocate doing these days? We all know about Coulter and her tasteless jokes, her and the GOProud’s mouthpiece callousness about it shows how far removed from the reality they are. They aren’t even tasteless with a point beyond it being a cover for contriving controversy. They’re pundits, we should expect more morally and ethically and for some exasperating reason we don’t

    I say let them speak and hold them to account–let them make fools of themselves in all the ways we couldn’t if we tried.

  19. Icebloo says

    Clear proof these gay self haters are insane. Let’s stop reporting their “news” – they are boring, annoying and they are just saying all this “shocking” stuff just to get attention. They are such children. We need to totally ignore them.

  20. Andrew says

    The GOProud are so desperate eating scraps from the Rightwing’s table that they have missed their natural right to an equal table with equal rights. Of course Ann wants you eating the scraps, the same way the plantation owners wanted the house slaves against the field slaves.

  21. Houndentenor says

    because Barron knows that Coulter is just performing an act. she says hateful things the right wants to hear and that will enrage liberals. It’s the same schtick she’s been doing for years and people on both sides keep falling for it.

  22. JD says

    I think this GOProud group is all fake – how can these people actually exist? If people still refuse to beleive the moon landing happened then I don’t beleive these anti-gay gays. Jewish Nazis, Gay Republicans – same friggin thing…

  23. Surely U Jest says

    Barron and LaSilva created GOProud as a vehicle to poke a stick at Log Cabin Republicans when they were both passed over for leadership roles. It is a theatrical farce crafted out of bitterness and they both play their parts with aplomb. This is Coulter’s whole schtick as well, so is it any surprise that she and Barron became BFF’s?

    You have to give Barron credit though. He actually gets people to fund his private vehicle for puffery and partying. What would he do if he had to find a real job? I guess there are always budding ponzi schemes looking for experienced managers.

    Regardless of who wins the election, GOProud will soon go bye-bye. The joke will have become stale and people like Coulter will look for something else with which to amuse themselves.

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