1. says

    oh LaSalvia, you racist little eunuch.

    here’s GOProud’s message: “Hey gay white boys! Did your republican families hate when they found out you suck c**k? We’ve got a plan to get you tolerated again! Join us in cutting off your balls, hating blacks, hating liberals, and voting against your own equality as a gay man! Will it make your life better? No! But it WILL mean you get to sit in the same room as your family at Thanksgiving, and they may even let you have dessert!”

    fail. forever.

  2. Brian says

    Yes, the elusive “plans” of Mitt Romney. And, of the many gay friends that I have I know of only 2 who vote republican. So, by my circle of social interaction we’re talking less than 10% of LGBT voters are GOPers. Of course, this is Fox. :)

  3. Disgusted American says

    As a gay man, I do not have any gay friends who are voting for Romney – and IF I found out they were Voting for him, they’d NO LONGER be my friend.

  4. jakke says

    There were no LGBT related questions because then the right wing would have screamed bloody murder that there couldn’t possibly be an undecided LGBT voter and that CNN skewed the audience and the questions, etc etcetc

  5. Cburg says

    It’s hilarious how he talks how gay men and women live “paycheque to paycheque” and then completely disregards the tax benefits afforded to those who can get married.

  6. PeterS says

    Self-hating homosexuals should just go back in the closet. No matter how much you lick the taint of the Republican party- they will NEVER accept you…so stop trying and stop parading your self-hate around town. To act like the economy is the only issue facing the LGBT community (although does the GOProud support the T in LGBT?) is ridiculous. And here’s a thought…marriage equality and job discrimination protection ARE issues that pertain to the economy and our community…

  7. Elsewhere says

    This is Fox News’ interpretation of “courting” the gay vote. If you put a homosexual on air and let him speak, then other homosexuals will see how fair we are and vote Republican.

    Being courted by Fox News makes me feel slimy and very, very dirty — and not in a good way.

  8. Your Mom says

    I love how this clown screams job insecurity when the party he endorses doesn’t support ENDA. No gays are not worried about living paycheck to paycheck. They’re worried about being fired from their jobs simply for being gay.

  9. Ray T. says

    The look of suffering and resignation to his lost life in Jimmy LaSalvia’S face makes me want to cry. No human should have to suffer like that because of the way he was born.

  10. Duane says

    The comments on this board are disturbing. As a gay conservative in Canada, many of you need to be ashamed of yourself. If you disagree with someone, fine, say it. When you start calling people names, making references to some meth use, calling people “self-hating” and telling them to shut up, you are doing nothing more than engaging in the same kind of name-calling, bullying and mockery that our community has fought so hard against over the years. I can tell you that I do not agree 100% with my party here, but I do agree with 80%. My vote and allegiance is based on more core values and I do all I can to affect change within the party (which is happening). I, like other gay conservatives, should not have abuse heaped upon us for a differing political opinion.

  11. says

    Oh we hurt poor conservative Duane’s feelings because we don’t respect his conservative beliefs. Why don’t you do a little investigating and see some of the delightful things GOProud has said about liberals.

  12. Steve says

    Conservatives in Canada are more similar to American Democrats. The Democrats are a center-right party after all. The Republicans are on the same level as far-right nationalist and Nazi parties

  13. jamal49 says

    Dear Duane, just what are your “core values”? Please, I want to know? What are the “core values” of a “conservative” such as yourself? Perhaps a Canadian “conservative” is different than an American “conservative”.

    See, American “conservatives” are for the most part hateful, spiteful, miserable, petty wretches with no moral center, no “core values”, just a fanatical hatred for the American president, Barack Obama, and a pathological hatred for LGBT people.

    As for gay American “conservatives”, I can tell you from personal experience, they are for the most part white, elitist, privileged, disdainful of the American blue-collar worker (of which many are gay and lesbian) and, in my experience, about as racist as any heterosexual conservative.

    So, yeah, sometimes people get a little feisty here and go over the top when discussing the GoProudGirls or the LogCabinettes, but that’s because those reprobates keep setting themselves up to be slapped down over and over again by the party they support–the GOP–but which party does NOT support them.

    So, honey, unless you can give me a list of your “core values”, I’d suggest you sit the f*ck down and shut up.

  14. antb says

    Duane, stick a hockey puck in it. People call these guys “self-hating” because they are. For sure they have the right to their opinion, but their opinion is that they – and the rest of us – do not deserve the same civil rights as straight people. We have the right to call them out on opinions that affect our civil equality at the ballot box, and we will continue to do so.

    And if you think that we should be second-class citizens, then we’ll call you out on it too.

  15. walter says

    self loathing little bastard his money means more to him than his dignity. jimmy remember this the repuks and your parents still won’t love you. all the party wants is your money and your other than that you are still subhuman to them.

  16. says

    ten bucks says you can’t put a name and face to your comments, “Duane” – legit.

    let’s see what a powerful empowered gay conservative you are.

    love always, a proud queer liberal canadian who has the balls to live openly

    and as others have pointed out, the democrats are about as liberal as canada’s conservatives. this seems lost on the conservative plebes, though.

  17. BRAINS says


    You might want to wait till those Gallup Poll numbers digest the eviscerating debate of last night. Give those useless numbers five days to digest, and then further wait for the next and last debate.

    Also, dreaming that Romney is to your benefit shows how delusional and self-loathing you really are! Such as sick sad case, and a waste of life!

  18. Nick Name says

    Duanne. As a Canadian gay progressive living in the U.S.A. I feel that his (and your) core values oppress us. To support an organization that will do everything possible to strip you of your rights is absolutely full on self loathing.

  19. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Duane: As Little Kiwi has noted on prior postings, Canada has no equivalent to Fox News, often known as “Faux News” on this site. It is not news, it is just right-wing babble. That’s part of the background info you need to know.

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