1. Michael Demmons says


    But good enough to make Bryan Fischer’s head explode – which will be fun.

  2. Charlie says

    I don’t think the million moms would even notice, unless we point it out to them. Good job.

  3. Gus says

    Charlie: TV ads are on shows with a target audience. How many .00001 Million Moms watch the shows Lexus pays for ad time?

  4. James says

    Yeah, there’s totally nothing wrong with using sexual identities and political organizations to sell high-end cars. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

  5. James says

    Yeah, there’s totally nothing wrong with using sexual identities and political organizations to sell high-end cars. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

  6. jeremy says

    Meh, I will shut my mouth until I saw this ad appears on ABC. I bet 5 bucks Lexus is just gonna show it on LGBT-friendly cable shows.

  7. bandanajack says

    frankly, i am underwhelmed. i don’t wish to join the chorus of negative nellies currently residing in the shadowy corners of the comment section, but, compared to what has gone before it in auto ads, stopping BEFORE meeting the same sex partner is weak.

  8. jason says

    They used someone from The Real L Word? Ewwww. Couldn’t they use a genuine gay person? How about a gay man? Lexus seems to be avoiding gay men. Go away, Lexus.

  9. GregV says

    I’m glad Lexus os thinking of us, but I don’t think I would even have noticed. The quick flash of the cifflink is so short and the design on them small enough to pass as a generic cufflink or snap button with two lines in it.
    Nothing in the ad indicates that the woman is gay. I hope the next ad will see her greeting her wife at the front door with a kiss and driving away into a romantic Friday-night sunset.

  10. UFFDA says

    Don’t ignore Jason. His general negativity is essential to rising above it. Plus he often makes a hard kind of sense.

    As for the Lexus ad. It was subtle to self-extinction. Why spend money on a message profile so low that it can’t be seen? Grow some balls Lexus, let’s see some fine men get the car and drive off into the sunset. Believe me there are a lot of men of every conviction and experience who would like to see that and think about it for themselves. Maybe if they had a Lexus they too could find a fine man. Subtlty sucks.

  11. D.Miner says

    Lexus/Toyota have been making gay friendly ads for decades. I remember growing up in Australia about 20 years ago when Toyota produced the “Oh, what a feeling” series of explicitly gay friendly ads aimed at the gay community. America is as usual, a little behind the social times. Time to catch up my American friends!

  12. keith says

    to me it’s more of an indicator of where HRC is; ridiculously rich white men. what the heck are they doing for the rest of the community?

  13. UFFDA says

    Thanks MINOR I was not aware of that. I hate to admit that we are indeed far behind the most socially progressive societies, but yes we are, which leaves us with a job to do in some small way everyday.

  14. Bob says

    For the people suggesting that it should have been gay man in the car that model is a chick car if not a grandma car

  15. jim says

    Wait, what, that ad had some sort of GAY THEME?


    And just how many lesbians do YOU know who wear cufflinks?

  16. Kevin says

    Sorry – way too subtle. No credit to Lexus here. If you’re going to be gay-positive with marketing it better be done clearly. At least several major Canadian corporations are much further ahead in this regard. But maybe it’s a matter of walking before you run, I suppose.

  17. says

    Aside from this add being so “stealth” that even my hypersensitive radar had to watch twice to catch the HRC logo – and how much did they get paid for that, btw? – there is also the fact that no Japanese carmaker other than Subaru has LGBT anti-discrimination policies in their corporate bylaws. Maybe – but this is a stretch – if they changed that I’d think about buying an over-priced, bloated, butt-ugly Toyota… or not.

  18. DC Arnold says

    Well now you know where your donations get you when you contribute to the Homo Robbing Committee. A blink and you miss it product placement that 75% of gay men can’t afford auto ad.