1. jason says

    The problem is that these Obama supporters are not believable and neither is Obama. Obama has failed the gay community on the legal front. He failed us on gay marriage and ENDA.

    Obama said he was going to a fierce advocate for our rights back in 2008. I haven’t seen fierce, folks.

  2. Icebloo says

    Unfortunately we still have so many gay self haters who vote Republican and damage our rights and our lives. We also have selfish idiots like Roseanne Barr. She’s part of the 1%. She’s a multi-millionaire who sits at home, bored because she no longer has any career. She’s still desperately seeking any kind of attention so she starts a campaign to run for President. It’s just a game for multi-millionaire Roseanne – something to take up her endless spare time but the outcome of the election matters greatly to the rest of us. Her attention-seeking game may actually take votes from Obama and hand victory to Romney. Roseanne doesn’t care – she has her millions, great health insurance, full human rights and hey a win for Romney will be a win-win for Roseanne. She will get to satisfy her childish need for 5 more minutes of attention (at the expense of millions of people’s rights) AND she will get to pay less taxes on her millions. Why doesn’t she just admit she wants Mitt to win so she can get a bigger tax break ? I thought she was supposed to be ballsy ?

    Has there ever been a more selfish, childish person than Roseanne Barr ? At a critical time for LGBT rights she stabs us in the back and works against us. What a b#tch !

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