1. Nat says

    Wow.. just heard him for the first time today–didn’t see his last video yet. Amazing voice with so much emotion being conveyed. Much better than the Bieber-Minaj-Spears crap we have today.

  2. jason says

    This is nice but it won’t get played on US radio. Clear Channel, which controls much of the airplay, allegedly has a policy of discouraging the playing of songs by openly gay or bisexual American male acts. It’s been alleged or rumored that Clear Channel execs have put out a memorandum of understanding that DJ’s are to avoid such songs.

    However, if you’re a woman who claims to be gay or bi, you get played.

  3. MT says

    He has an extremely sexy voice. I’ve heard him on a remake of Everything But The Girl’s Missing, and it blows me away. He completely transformed the song into this slow burn inferno. LOVE him.

  4. DrMikey says

    I’ve been waiting for a new song to affect me as much as Matt’s ‘End Of The world’ did.
    Closing my eyes and listening, it just happened. Would be interesting to see if he can craft a short film around this song that is as moving as the barbershop video for “World’.

  5. Joseph Singer says

    If you like Velvet Goldmine then you’ll likely appreciate “End of the World.”

    Personally, I think End of the World is his best song/video yet (not to denigrate Velvet Goldmine) just happen to prefer End of the World.

  6. David says

    He’s adorable and has a beautiful voice. He’s clearly influenced by Rufus Wainwright, from the piano chord voicings to the vocal style. Does Rufus know his style has been swiped by this cutie pie??

  7. Geoff says

    Matt is absolutely incomparable…and such a nice guy. Many have compared him (unfairly) to Rufus Wainwright. Rufus is fine, but he’s a showman. Matt simply sings and your heart soars…or breaks. Nothing contrived. Magnificent.

  8. PixelWizard says

    Just plain beautiful, so rare.

    The cellists in this ‘Matt Alber With Strings Attached’ project are friends of mine – happily – and collectively known as Cello Street Quartet. They’re up-and-coming San Francisco stars, and a great matchup with the wonderful Matt Albers for this gorgeous DVD on which they are collaborating. Fans can pre-order the DVD as way of supporting its completion. Alber’s explanatory clip is heart-quickeningly compelling; check that out here

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