1. Erich says

    According to the Bible, Magic Sky Fairy most certainly not define marriage as one man one woman. More so, one man and however many women said man wanted.

  2. Disgusted American says

    this Bimbo will go down in history with the Likes of George Wallace……I hope her kids are proud of her years from now… know, kinda like Anita Bryants kids are proud of her…NOT! Notice you never hear a thing from them…its Called EMBARRASSMENT!

  3. says

    Yes. Marriage was created by God. Yes. People have the right to chose whom they love… But het idea that it should be the “people’s” choice implies that all people view things from her limited perspective.

  4. Joseph says

    The first amendment guarantees us freedom of religion. My religion does not teach me that marriage is from God nor does it teach that marriage between two men is wrong. Saying that I can’t marry because it is against YOUR religion violates my first amendment rights.

  5. Steve says

    Marriage was created by people. Just like every single other legal construct on the planet. And civil marriage has nothing to do with religious marriage. You don’t have to get married in a church

  6. Rob says

    The United States is governed by the constitution NOT the Catholic Church and its bald bloated child raping bishops. Everyone is to be equal under the law. I would like to know why this matters sooooo much to the church. They can preach and guilt their own stupid sheep. Leave the rest of us alone.

  7. jason says

    What a homophobic nasty little female in that ad. She deserves to have her right to vote taken away from her. After all, the Bible says that women should serve men and remain tied to the kitchen.

  8. candide001 says

    Will our advocacy groups be able to figure out how to put together ads that effectively counter this? If history is any indication, probably not. Like the Prop 8 fiasco, they will claim they didn’t see it coming, while they’ve actually had 4 years to prepare. They will, however, be glad to accept your donations.

  9. Tristram says

    Is everyone in Minnesota as naive as Rose from the Golden Girls? That’s the only way I see them falling for this sickening display.

    Also, very well said Joseph. My thoughts exactly.

  10. says

    specifics, please: is it their intent to ensure that only couples who are biologically able to procreate, without the aid of modern science, should be allowed to marry?

    are they aware that many LGBT couples already have children, and those CHILDREN are put at risk and at a disadvantage when their parents are denied marriage rights and benefits?

    being against gay marriage doesn’t mean that a kid gets a mother and a father, you know.

    The sadly ironic thing, of course, is that it’s the people behind this TV ad, and the people who support it, who are the ones HARMING the next and incoming generations: these are the bigots who drive youth to suicide and depression.


  11. Andrew says

    The collection of mythological books known as the bible says that god/yahweh approved of all sorts of marital and conjugal relationships for “the creation and care of the next generation”. In 2 Samuel 12,8 god said to David ” I gave you your lord’s house and your lord’s wives for your own”. In other parts of 2 Samuel David takes many wives and concubines with yahweh’s approval. In Exodus 21,10 yahweh teaches that if a man takes a second wife, he shall not withhold food, clothing and conjugal rights from the first wife. Read about Levirate marriage in genesis 18,8. The list of marital and conjugal variations found in the bible is a long one. The god of the bible clearly didn’t have one type of marital or conjugal relationship in mind.

  12. says

    How soon the Bible-thumpers “forget” what marriage was actually like in biblical times. King Solomon had hundreds of wives AND concubines, and God was totally cool with it. If a woman was raped, she was obligated to marry her rapist or be stoned to death as “a whore”. If a man died without providing an heir, then his brother was to marry the widow in order to create a male heir.

    Of course, the fundies “conveniently” overlook those things, much like they “overlook” the fact that marriage is a civil right, and can be done without the involvement of the Christian Church. Jews, Wiccans and Atheists are able to get married with no problems, last time I checked.

  13. graphicjack says

    May we ask this woman WHICH God created marriage? Marriage existed BEFORE Christianity, honey. Greeks and Romans believed in many gods, and they even had some legal same-sex marriages… so maybe I should worship Appolo (hey, he rode a chariot, looked hot in a tablecloth, and was all musical and such) and say he believes in my right to marry. It’s just as sound an arguement.

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