1. endo says

    Iconic 80s band? That’s like saying U2 is an 80s band or Madonna is an 80s act. In fact, DM’s biggest hits came out in the early 90s.

    Anyways, I was excited about the next album because they were working with Christoffer Berg, who co-produced Fever Ray’s album (the best album since the millennium) and is a member of Fever Ray’s live band. But it seems they’ve ditched the songs they did with Berg and are working with producer Ben Hillie, who is just not very interesting.

  2. Dr.Theopolis says

    i don’t understand why Depeche can’t write/create the same sort of radio-friendly Brit synthpop that they had the most success with in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 90s (before they went all dark and morose and metal/synth). I mean, it’s the same guys (minus 1) and Martin historically writes all of it so why can’t they write the same kind of songs they used to??

  3. endo says

    It’s because Alan Wilder arranged and produced most of their music, even if Martin Gore wrote much of the lyrics. They haven’t been the same since Wilder left.

  4. ElCid says

    Wow, this song is amazing.
    And Depeche Mode is for sure an iconic 80s band! No point arguing that.
    Now, it is true that Alan Wilder was an amazing arranger. And in fact He was the one who pushed the sound of the band to a much rockier sound in 1993. Was his departure a lost? Sure it was, and it showed in 1997’s “Ultra”. But they have put out 3 very good albums ever since(1 of them with that pop friendly sound some people are talking about -2005’s “Playing the Angel”) so I don’t see the point of some of the comments posted here.

  5. endo says

    Sorry, but you’re wrong, Elcid. Dave Gahan’s interest in grunge and his desire to be a rock frontman like Kurt Cobain and Perry Ferrel is what led to DM’s heavier rock sound in 92-93. That’s partly what led to Wilder leaving the band.

    And I wouldn’t call any of the 4 albums since his departure “good.” They’ve made some great songs (“Precious” is amazing) but 1 or 2 good tracks does make an album. And Sounds of the Universe is an abomination.

  6. sparks says

    I was one of their biggest fans in the 80s and 90s. But this is not up to the same standards, lyrically, musically, or vocally. :

  7. ElCid says

    You’re right ENDO. However, I would say Exciter was a pretty great album, Playing the Angel was very poppy (“Precious” felt the weakest single to me) and SOTU was a very electronic experience (that, yes could have been better).

    I wouldn’t like to see DM returning to their 80s sound at this point.. it would feel immature for them. So this one here is a happy fan. Cheers!

  8. endo says

    Oh, I don’t want to see them re-do the 80s either! That’s why I was so excited when I heard they were working with Fever Ray’s producer. Fever Ray is absolutely the most intriguing artist out today. The dense layers of sound she makes by combining synths with organic instruments … I would love to hear that incorporated into DM’s arrangements.

  9. ElCid says

    I hear you ENDO. Let’s keep fingers crossed so some of the songs included will be the ones they worked with Berg!
    Have a good one man :)

  10. Sudro says

    This has a very Matt Johnson/the The sound. I’ll definitely look for this recording when it’s released.

  11. AladinSane says

    When DM are great, they are stellar. When they aren’t they make this. I had high hopes for the musical direction after VCMG but the best I can say about this song is the lyrics are tawdry…