1. Vint says

    When you alienate “the gays”, your propaganda will be done by a straight designer so anxious to try out his new font pack that you’ll see 50 fonts in 50 seconds, and it’ll look like a 1950’s health class filmstrip. Just sayin’….

  2. says

    No benefits for society as a whole? Doesn’t freedom benefit society as a whole? The Declaration of Independence and Constitution say it does.

    Their parents probably made the same claim about interracial marriage, as did their grandparents about interreligious marriage.

  3. Chris says

    Once again, all of their claims about how and why “natural marriage” helps children, men and women, are “supported” either by clearly biased conservative “study” groups, or studies showing the benefits of children and people being in two-parent households vs. single-parent households, NOT opposite vs. same-sex households. Many of the people who have conducted these studies have not taken kindly to NOM and the like, perverting their work.

  4. says

    and this, Maggie Gallagher, is why your son Patrick is waiting for you to die before he comes out.

    and this is why, Brian Brown, you are going to attend the funeral of at least one of your eight children.

    ditto Rick Santorum.


  5. PAUL B. says

    Are they really as stupid as this add insinuates by the childish graphics and narration it contains. Besides the obvious falsehoods…is the common denominator an
    IQ of 40? The good news is that I’m sure the average person immediately felt talked down to…because we’re smarter than this add would imply the average person is. Well, either that or we’re in a lot more hot water than I thought. Can you imagine if the whole world talked like this….googoo-gaagaa.

  6. scotty says

    @Paul B. – Yes, I think that IS the IQ they are aiming for. The accent of the narrator reminds me of that annoying Brit from “weakest link”… who very outspokenly reminded the viewing audience how stupid a person was.

  7. PAUL B. says

    Listening to it a second time (ouch!) I realized that the use of a lovely articulate Brit makes sense. Can you imagine the same add with a few ya’ll and you betcha’s thrown in? That would have tied in perfectly with the narrative & message…but been over the top shocking stupid… as opposed to whatever this is.

  8. PAUL B. says

    @Scotty…you’re right, it does! I think they try to lend some credibility with the accent…since it implies good grammar & some education. Oh well, I must admit…a good British accent works on me too.

  9. says

    This kind of concealed bigotry drives me over the edge.
    On the one hand, “natural marriage” on the other, “paedophilia and incest”.

    Gee, that really makes things clear, I was getting confused, I thought that guys who committed and dearly wanted to be married together would also be socially cohesive.
    How wrong can I be ?

    Now I won’t be able to get to sleep, I’ll be in a rage all night.
    Damn you, Charlie Brown.

  10. David in Houston says

    They had (accidentally) allowed comments for a while. But after getting reamed by 95% negative comments, they finally disabled them. — Hey, NOM… if you can’t take the heat, get out of the discrimination game!

  11. PAUL B. says

    Hey Jacktwist!
    Keep in mind that ultimately we have “natural selection” as our ally. It’s a slow route to take but close your eyes tonight and imagine a world where the only bigots are “extinct bigots”…for it will come to pass. Sleep tight.

  12. Chuck Mielke says

    @ ANASTASIA BEAVERHAUSEN, I haven’t looked at the video yet, but I’ll bet it creates the “us versus them” tool so common to bigoted thinking. In their minds, they have so far removed homosexuals from humanity that it makes intuitive sense for them to talk as if we’re not even part of humanity or society. Our freedom and rights make no difference to “society” because, in their minds, they are the only society that matters.

  13. sparklekittens says

    Ads like this show why it’s so important for you to get registered and GO VOTE! It’s also a great reason to give a few bucks to the campaign fighting this rubbish. Clean out the change jars, forego a dinner out, and send the money to thefour2012. Or, whatever state you choose. We all need to fight these bigots so vote and donate. Let’s go win!

  14. Tristram says

    Wow. Thanks TOLERATING me and my relationship with my partner of 45 years. We also TOLERATE you, but here’s the thing: Your views and actions HARM our society, and therefore we cannot PROMOTE them. Here’s why: Your right wing bigotry and hatred HURT us, by promoting SUICIDE, BULLYING, INEQUALITY and RAMPANT STUPIDITY.

  15. Tristram says

    Also, the ad says nothing about biology until the very end. On top of everything else, it offers no logical reasons for why Marriage is biological. If marriage is so biological, why have I never seen lemurs walking down the aisle? Or Meerkats? Freaking spare me!

  16. Tristram says

    Also, the ad says nothing about biology until the very end. On top of everything else, it offers no logical reasons for why Marriage is biological. If marriage is so biological, why have I never seen lemurs walking down the aisle? Or Meerkats? Freaking spare me!

  17. Tom in long beach says

    Stay calm and go into your fallout shelter. What a piece of B.S. “Natural Marriage” WTF? How about getting out of the 1950s and admitting that just like right handed tools “Natural Marriage” does not work for everyone. The whole religious freedom argument makes me want to hurl. Anyone can worship and live as one feels they should. They just cannot impose those beliefs on everyone else.

  18. millerbeach says

    Ironic, that the only pedophiles I know are Catholic priests. Better check your own closets (and family trees) ladies, as most pedophile activity (around 90%) is HETEROSEXUAL in nature. Most victims KNOW their molester. Watch your daughters…very, very carefully. While you all are busy huffing and puffing about gay marriage, that creepy brother-in-law may be hitting on your daughter.

  19. Andy says

    Please, please, PLEASE someone do an infographic refuting EVERY SINGLE DECEPTION in this infographic. I would do it myself but I don’t have Adobe AfterEffects…. although I may get a copy just to do this. And why is NOM getting a British teenager to do the voice??

  20. NeverEclipsed81 says

    The government has a responsibility to protect all of its citizens equally under the law. These people think if they illustrate something absurd, it will sound true. Easily one of the most ridiculous examples of gov’t I’ve ever seen.

  21. jamal49 says

    John Dough, I guess NOM is into outsourcing. Maybe it sounds more, um, believable if dude narrator has a Brit accent. Desperate people do desperate things. I think NOM realizes the gig is up.

  22. Yeek says

    I love the idea that justice is supposed to benefit “society as a whole.” NO. Justice is supposed to do the exact opposite. Justice defends the right of the individual, even if (especially if) defending that right leads to riots, tumult, outrage, and violent behavior by society. “Giving women the vote will encourage wives to leave their husbands” (some probably did). “Integrating schools will lead to violence and upheaval” (it did). “Gay marriage will hurt straight marriage” (in some cases, probably).

    Justice is not about what is best for the most people, or what leads to the most peace or the greatest degree of stability. It is about individuals.

  23. Diogenes Arktos says

    This morning I read that a female of the Religious Right believes that giving the right to vote to women was a mistake. That attitude certainly informs this ad: Two of natural marriage’s benefits are to “protect women” and “civilize men”!?

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