1. PAUL B. says

    Yes, I love Obama. But what happened last night is not excused by this pretense that he didn’t know who was on that stage with him. If he didn’t recognize Romney…say it! Shift gears so you’re in the debate with whomever is there…the old Romney or the new. I didn’t recognize Romney either…within the first two minutes I knew something had changed. How did BO miss that?
    Obama is my president…will be my president for the next four years…but bring some righteous indignation to the table…on our behalf, if not your own.

  2. Bob says

    @BERTRILLE –You are right, but heads need to roll, as the President was not prepared for Romney to take the ONLY course he could take and come out looking well.
    If Mr Obama did not see it coming, someone should have told him

  3. KP says

    Romney won the debate but all day today the fact checkers have been running him through the ringer. Plus, now Obama has plenty of ammunition to use against him in the next debate when Romney inevitably flip flops.

  4. T says

    I’m beginning to think LGBT folk have forgotten what President Obama and his administration have done for us as a group. Also, what in the world do you think will happen if Romney and Ryan are elected? They want to repeal DADT, they love DOMA, etc. So, what gives? Why the lack of support for our current president – the only sitting president that has come out in favor of same-gender marriage. ::sighs::

  5. EchtKultig says

    “I’m beginning to think LGBT folk have forgotten what President Obama and his administration have done for us as a group.”

    No, they haven’t. No mentally stable gay or lesbian person changed their opinion of Obama one bit after the debate. (and the mentally stable ones had and have a positive opinion of him) It’s just that the trolls come out of the woodwork when they think they have something to crow about, that the wind is blowing in their sails, and no one will challenge them. He might have lost the debate…the north lost the Battle of Bull Run. Doesn’t mean they lost the war.
    IF he loses the election, this debate will definitely be seen as a turning point. If he wins, his poor seeming performance will be nothing more than a historical afterthought, and it will be considered a tie. Romney basically tried to lie in every way possible to suddenly remake himself into a moderate Republican, which he is not. No moderate Republican would have given $10,000 to the prop 8 initiative 25 years ago, much less 5 years ago. If Romney wins, we can fully expect a Supreme Court that will recriminalize homosexuality.

  6. Mike says

    HOW did Obama get surprised by this?? Romney was running ads about how he would not raise takes for like 3-4 weeks now, it was in the papers how it was likely his strategy. Look, I’m just some average guy who occassionaly reads the papers and *I* saw it coming. If Obama didn’t, HOW COME NO ONE TOLD HIM?? AAHHHHH

  7. PAUL B. says

    There’s just got to be more to what happened during that debate than what meets the eye. BO is a smart guy, great communicator. There’s something we’re missing. Maybe something happened in his personal life that threw him off. Maybe it’s his strategy to catch the republicans off guard a little later in the debates. It’s got to be something…he just wasn’t himself. As upsetting as this is, I’m going to trust that he knows what he’s doing and relax. It’s hard, but I’m going to do it.

  8. says

    On to the next debate.

    Obama and Biden need to pull no punches. They don’t need to start getting nice; they know what the opposition is, a self serving super rich class dominated society.

    Republicans are against equality, women’s rights, Hispanics rights, Black rights,Pell grants, health care and will cut social security.
    They despise 47% of the population as scroungers.
    Shout it out Obama !!!……Romney/Ryan have not disclosed tax returns nor have they disclosed what loopholes of the super rich they are going to close.
    Shout it out against them over and over until their ears hurt.
    No more Mister Nice Guy; otherwise you will lose.

    Why was all this not spelled out in the debate ?

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    In some respects I wasn’t surprised that Romney “won” the debate. After all, he has had little to do but prepare for two months while Obama has had other things on his plate. It’s truly a pity that Lehrer wasn’t able to get Romney off his overly rehearsed talking points and have to punt, which of course would have been a disaster.

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