1. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Who give a rat’s azz about hair styles? The President left his A game at home last night. Hopefully, he knows this to do the job right in the future debates, as he has in the past.

  2. Craig says

    President Obama has an A game? He was docile, acquiescent, inattentive and let Romney run right over him without taking the numerous opportunities he had to call him out on what were blatant lies. That pretty much sums up his Presidency in dealing with the Republican Party. Didn’t bring his A game? He hasn’t “brought it” since early November of 2008.

  3. Marc C says

    Well done Mr President. Well done.

    Keep in mind that this debate was “lost” by the same person who poker-faced his way through bin Ladens takedown the night of the Correspondant’s Dinner. Does anyone really think his game was off last night? Really?

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