1. J. Page says

    Oh that Palin. Being so folksy while still trying to sound intelligent.

    Aren’t her time of giving “pearls of wisdom” over yet?!

  2. Chadd says

    And when Romney did exactly the same thing to Obama in the last debate, I’m sure she thought it was a masterful performance.

  3. jason says

    I thought Biden was superior to Ryan in terms of both substance and style. Ryan was as bland and evasive as could possibly be.

  4. Robert says

    Oh, isn’t that precious, they taught it to speak. Now, if someone can get it to put on real clothing and apply makeup properly, that would truly be something.

  5. Geoff says

    These analogies to wild animals just have to stop. I cannot reconcile Caribou Barbie…with her ill-applied make-up, shooting things from a helicopter…and true beauty. She needs to go away now. She’s sickening.

  6. Gigi says

    Who writes this stuff for her? Whoever it is I’d like to shake his hand because she becomes more and more absurd every time she opens her pie hole. Has she been on the Victoria Jackson “show” yet? That’d be a hoot.

  7. Howard says

    Yawn. Her daughter: yawn. Her former son-in-law: yawn. Her husband: yawn. It must be hard for them to accept how completely irrelevant they have all become.

  8. Butch says

    Why is anything that comes out of her mouth even worth mentioning on this site? I’m serious.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    Sarah, Sarah, Sarah… the mighty fall. Now you’re left with nothing but bad grassland analogies to try and stay relevant. We actually gave you 27 instead of the normal 15 minutes, it’s time to go before you look foolish…..oops, well, just time to go.

  10. e.c. says

    Sarah just be glad Biden treated you with kid gloves during your debate. If you and your Fox friends hadn’t preemtively cried “sexism” anytime anyone showed you for the fool you are he would have been able to leave you in a puddle on the floor.

  11. i could go on, but I won't says

    So Sarah says compared to her Paul Ryan is a wuss.

    (And how is that view of the Soviet Union the Repubs fear so much? Shhh, nobody tell them it’s gone now.)

  12. Zell says

    Can we all please stop the faux “Sarah who?”-type comments whenever someone says something we don’t like? We all know who Sarah Palin is, we all know who Rupert Everett is, and so on. And if you truly don’t know who someone is, admitting your ignorance is nothing to be proud of. I understand, we’re trying to denigrate the person by acting as though he or she is washed up, but there’s nothing added to the discussion by people who think they’re clever by pretending that they’re irrelevant. The truth is, Sarah Palin is a relevant (albeit infuriating) voice in American politics whether we like it or not. So give it a rest.

    That said, Palin is a strident, uninformed political failure and her homespun, folksy nonsense hides a calculating nastiness that panders deliberately to the stupid. Which, in America, means a large portion of the electorate.

  13. BETTY says

    Oh, she’s allowed back on FOX News? I thought they dropped her like moose dung hitting the forest floor.

  14. Gregoire says

    Well, Ryan was a little tougher to destroy than this Alaskan simpleton was, but Biden got it done.

  15. QBERT says

    @Zell: Palin is NOT relevant. At all. If so, why did FOX drop her? They only used her last night because as a former VP candidate, she debated Biden. Her comments were relevant in the discussion of the VP debate. Other than that, nope. She is a half term quitter of a governor who has no knowledge of anything outside of Alaska. Period.

  16. Diogenes Arktos says

    Ryan has his own “Soviet Union” comment. In a more recent post on TR, a Canadian paper points out his “Canada is across the sea” gaffe.