Jersey Shore’s Angelina is an Ignorant Anti-Gay Bigot: VIDEO


If the show hasn't already made you dislike her, Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick appeared on the debate website Deeyon to face off against out gay actor and musician Adam Barta on the topic of marriage equality.

Said Pivarnick:

“I love gay people. I have a lot of friends that are gay. No offense to any gays out there if I'm offending any of you I'm sorry. But, my opinion is that I don't think gays should be married. If you want to date each other, fine. We’ll see how it works. But in the end, they should really go and marry the other type. If you're a male, marry female. If you're a female, marry male. Women are supposed to be pregnant by the men that they're with, and they should be able to have beautiful children...”