1. jason says

    This is the “I’ve got gay friends” line again!!!! Oh, my, am I so sick of it!!! It’s the catch-cry of homophobes who are trying to wrap their bigotry in politeness. Don’t fall for it.

    Haven’t I told you guys that women are amongst the biggest homophobes out there? They fear us because we represent competition for the attention of men. A lot of homophobia in society is due to women. Wake up to yourselves and stop worshipping the very gender that oppresses us.

  2. woodroad34d says

    But in the end, they should really go and marry the other type. If you’re a male, marry female. If you’re a female, marry male. Women are supposed to be pregnant by the men that they’re with, and they should be able to have beautiful children…”

    That’s just an opinion and not a fact that can be backed up…she’s not debating, she’s just bloviating a judgement. I really doubt she–or Anne Coulter– has any real gay friends. Friends want their friends to do well and have all the best in the world. More heterosexual pomposity from some who should be seen, not heard.

  3. ratbastard says

    Why do corporate executives, advertisers and viewer-ship give people like her [whether she’s sincere, or trolling/acting is beside the point] publicity and even some glamor and acceptance? Why is there so much ignorance basically glamorized and pushed down people’s [ESPECIALLY young people and children] throats in popular culture, TV, movies, video games, music, etc.?

    It’s called Bread and Circus, and it’s all disingenuous and designed to DISTRACT people from far more important issues going on around them. While an ever tiny elite continue to consolidate their power and influence in politics, business, culture, healthcare, academia, etc., they use cr*p like reality TV shows, feigned ‘outrages’, political correctness, fake left vs right politics, a fake 2 party political system, sports, rap and other types of popular music, and an obscenely dumbed down popular culture in general, to keep people distracted

  4. ratbastard says


    Why are ‘white trash’ glamorized, given their own show and publicity [from which they make very nice $]? Why are ignorant rappers glamorized and made wealthy? Why do so many average people ENABLE ignorance in our popular culture?

  5. Francis says

    Honestly, I’m not offended at all. If anything, someone THIS trashy and unintelligent saying these things helps our cause.

    And what does “if you want to date, we’ll see how it works out” even mean? It’s like she’s saying gay people aren’t really gay. That we’re confused. What always catches me is how without fail these anti-gays have gay friends. I think that having a token gay they associate with assures them individually they aren’t hateful, even when they truly are.

    Oh well, enough time spent on this irrelevant woman.

  6. ratbastard says


    That may be behind the concept of giving these people an outlet [although I doubt it; I’m sure it’s strictly about $ and ratings]. And the idea that an obviously ignorant and silly person saying these things will produce the opposite effect [sympathy for homosexuals] could in fact actually empower the many people who genuinely hold her [alleged] views.

    Of course it’s more than possible the cast are all simply paid to troll in order to produce drama and advertiser revenue.

  7. mcNnyc says

    You don’t “love gay people” at all.
    You and YOUR “god” do not think its just something they just try when they are young.
    She must be suffering from alcohol poisoning and skin cancer lesions that must have affected her brain.
    But who are we’re kidding here-she’s just like my sister from jersey and that’s what they …know.
    That’s pretty much the depth of their opinion and thoughts and OH BOY you don’t want to hear what they have to say about us or our President.

  8. Brian says


    I assume you’re asking a rhetorical question, as you tell us your feelings about women ten times a day. The way you phrase it is instructive though, “women are amongst the biggest homophobes”. There are after all only two sexes, so finally you and I can agree on something, that women definitely rank in the top two of homophobic sexes. But it’s strange that you can scroll through the huge number of antigay articles that feature white men and never acknowledge that “men are amongst the biggest homophobes” as well. An oversight, perhaps.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, Brian. It’s really tiring to see Gay men (Jason & Rick & sometimes Rat) who are so afraid of women. Who has committed more lynchings of Gay men? Women or men?

    Sometimes this daily misogyny is laughable, but sometimes it’s just plain tiring.

  10. Tanoka says

    Jason, don’t you DARE put me in the same category as this… thing, just because I have a vagina!

    If anything I’d say YOU are more like her than what I am. I’m not the one who’s constantly trashing a segment of the population based on gender or sexuality.

    There are women who are extremely homophobic, yes. There are also men who are extremely homophobic. Old people, young people, rich, people, poor, black, white, brown, yellow, American, European, Arabic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc.

    But YOU hate women, so YOU will use any oppertunity given to call ALL women homophobic, evil, whatever.

    YOU are pathetic, Jason. You know how they say the biggest homophobes likely are gay themselves? Well, maybe you’re not as gay you think you are, but you’d hate that and do your best to repress it. Come out of the closet, Jason! Stop trashing women and you might even get one to date you!

  11. Mike says

    Why is this even posted on this site? Her 15 minutes (if she ever really had it) ended years ago. Let her crawl back into her trashy little hole and she will be forgotten again.

  12. Mousie says

    I think Tanoka is on to something.

    Is Jason a closeted heterosexual in denial about his inability to appeal to women, putting on a ‘brave’ gay front?

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