1. woodroad34 says

    Mildly stupid, yeah. But still ironic that every version of looking masculine still makes them look like the Village People.

    Loving the bear cub, though

  2. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Dumb. Bad promo for “real” movies? If the hairy bear uses Nair or shaves anything off his body, it is a sin. My partner and I have a spat when he does this to himself.

  3. says

    I will never understand why people keep thinking its okay to dress up as a Native American. Stereotypically pretending to be any other race is clearly racist, but for some reason it’s fine in this one case?

  4. new-new says

    @ THOMAS


    this type of bs is not cool. ever.

  5. Alexander says

    …who’s to say the guy isn’t a little bit native american himself? one just never knows in this age of hot sexy hybrids. i have a little NativeAmerican DNA from my mother’s side and i’m pretty darn white looking aside from my wide set nose and raised cheekbones. :) What litle I personally know about my ancestry I embrace it. I wish I knew the name of the tribe I’m spawned from but not even my birth mother knows that answer. :(

  6. Tikihead says

    All this video taught me is I definitely need two husbands — how am I to choose between furry and smooth?

  7. Grover Underwood says

    the steamroom thing was cute only because there are straight guys out there that are that clueless