1. MarkUs says

    The largest newspaper in Iowa didn’t take kindly to Obama initially insisting any interview be “off the record” with them and then scooting off to Jay Leno. Their newspaper today has the two massive pictures of the candidates seen in the link. Oh, I’m used to media bias. Just not in the opposite direction.

  2. andrew says

    I am a lifelong democrat who only once voted for a republican, so I know my view is not objective. However, I can not for the life of me understand how anyone would vote for Romney over this bright, thoughtful, caring and extremely competent man: Mr. Obama. I think he has all the qualities and then some of JFK and Clinton without the personal weaknesses.

  3. Drew says

    POTUS’ appearance last night was really one of his best and props to Jay Leno for letting him do his thing. Agree with Andrew above – Obama is just so damn thoughtful, insightful and introspective whereas Romneybot is so cold and calculated.

  4. Will says

    Obama seems like a person one can relate to, Romney seems like some rich guy who looks down on people less fortunate than him. At the end of the day who would you want running the country? A person the ‘average’ American can relate to or a privileged spoiled ‘kid’ who thinks he is making his family proud?

  5. Bob R says

    I’m not a fan of Leno, never have been. But I must say I’ve seen Obama as a guest on both Letterman and Leno and by far Leno is the best interviewer. This segment was entertaining, fun and very informative. After having seen Romney and Obama on these shows, how can anyone seriously consider voting for Romney? Not only would I much rather have a beer or dinner with Obama and Biden, I feel much better with them in the WH than I ever could or ever would with those Romney/Ryan cretins.

  6. gr8guyca says

    This was, of course, a political move. Polls show that Obama wins the likeability test. In fact, the GOP has written off trying to get people to like Romney; they don’t. So, it’s smart to have Obama go on these shows to remind people of one of his campaign strengths.
    And, yes, he is charming, funny, real, and relaxed. (Not one of those adjectives would ever be used to describe Romney.)

  7. andrew says

    As a Gaelophile and myself a grandson of the Old Sod. I think that much of Obama’s charm and good humor come from his Irish roots. We are told that Obama’s Kenyan father was a university educated and very bright man, that may be where his keen intellect comes from. However, that smile and charm is all Irish.

  8. jamman says

    Obama is a charmless asshat and he is about as Irish as Prince Harry’s left nut.

    This ignorant low IQ affirmative-action joke is spending his time of the View, Leno, MTV and Comedy Central and then people which that we should be respectful for him?

    If you lower the office, get out knothead.

  9. andrew says

    @Jamman: Mr Obama does indeed have an Irish heritage. His great-great-great grandfather Joseph Kearney was born is the small village of Moneygall, Ireland. Last March 20, 2012, the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny presented Mr Obama with a formal certificate of Irish Heritage in a White House ceremony. The rest of your post is just your ignorant opinions to which you are entitled. You are not however entitled to your own facts. Mr Obama is of Irish as well as Kenyan descent

  10. SayWHAT? says

    NEATO! Yet another lowbrow TV appearance from our community organizer-in-chief. Please discuss: “But I’d like to know why Obama would go against his redistributionist nature and choose to deprive a charity of his choice from receiving a cool $5 million from The Top One Percent. Reportedly, Obama’s spent millions to keep these records secret, so there’s no question he’ll refuse Trump’s offer. And that’s what keeps me from caving to pressure that insists I jump on the Trump-Is-A-Laughingstock bandwagon.

    In a perfect world I could jump on the bandwagon, but it’s the media and the left who have set absurd standards involving every nook and cranny of a Republican’s past. And if it takes a stunt like this to call attention to this glaring double standard and the shadowy past of our secretive president, we’re better off with Trump than without him.

    Now we know that keeping whatever’s in those records secret is more important to Obama than a charity receiving $5 million. Moreover, voters everywhere have now been reminded of this fact.

    Laugh it up, but in my book that’s a good thing.”

  11. Amy says

    Libya, anyone? Hello??? Yea, I’m sure he’s a nice guy that you could drink a beer with, but what happened in Libya and the subsequent cover up deems him unworthy of the Office. Hillary should be ashamed of herself, also. They threw American free speech under the bus, because they didn’t want to admit al Queda is not going away. But hey, I’m just a troll, nothing to read here, move along.

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