‘Pro-Family’ Extremists: Astronaut Sally Ride May Have Paid Price for Being Gay by Dying Early

This seems to have been written shortly after her death but Right Wing Watch recently brought it to light. The Family Research Institute speculates a bit about pioneering astronaut Sally Ride's death in July, dragging out the right-wing chestnut that gays die early and applying it to her life.

Right Wing Watch reports:

RideRide was married to a fellow astronaut from 1982 to 1987. But it was just revealed she had a ‘long time lesbian relationship’ of 27 years. Do the math: her 27 year relationship with a professor of school psychology (and co-founder of Sally Ride’s company) means that she got into that relationship in 1985, smack in the middle of her marriage. It would appear that her childhood friend broke up her marriage.

And Sally may have paid with some of her lifespan. Our latest research into recent homosexual obituaries from San Francisco indicates that lesbians are dying on average around 60ish. Ride fits the pattern of lesbian deaths, but not that of married women’s deaths, which usually extend into the early-to-mid 80s.

Is this proof that homosexual activity leads to an early death? No, of course not. Had she stayed married, Sally Ride might have died at the same age and of the same malady. But, on average, her death fits a consistent pattern suggesting that homosexuality is associated with an early demise.

Ride died of pancreatic cancer. She was 61.


  1. Diogenes Arktos says

    A comment on Ride’s death from Porno Pete (also courtesy of Right Wing Watch): “it’s still immoral behavior, it’s very sad to me that she was involved in that lifestyle. The fact that she was in that lifestyle doesn’t take away from the great accomplishments that she had. But the point is gay identity politics now wants to seize her as a hero.”

    Notice that “lifestyle” to the Religious Right simply means that Ride was a lesbian. It does not necessarily mean what lifestyle means to most people (as gets frequently screamed about on this site). If anything the Religious Right is very big on the fact that she was closeted her whole life. That’s part of the reason he’s offended that LGBT activists now claim her as our own.

    I’m quite frankly amazed, moreover, that Porno Pete actually allows that LGBT people can accomplish great things. It’s probably too much to hope for, but it seems like he’s taken a small step towards acceptance.

  2. says

    Its so sad that even after years, we are still having to justify our lives and our sexuality to people who believe in something that isn’t based on fact and have an imaginary friend.

  3. anon says

    Lesbianism will not give you pancreatic cancer. It has a non-determinant cause, but seems to occur almost randomly in the entire population. With a survival rate of 3-5% and a rapid progression, it will definitely lower your life expectancy. As it says in the Bible, the rain will fall on the just and unjust alike.

  4. Stefan says

    This is such a sad story to read. If conservative groups want to keep trotting out this old “scientific argument” then they can try the following experiment. Starting with the current generation, have a society in which LGBT perspectives are included in public schools, especially in sex education but also elsewhere. Have a social services system that actively roots out and prevents physical, emotional, and mental abuse against children just because they are gay. Outlaw all “reparative” therapy everywhere. Actively pass legislation that allows prosecution of discrimination against the LGBT community by the healthcare industry, employers, etc. And pass marriage equality in every state so that members of the LGBT community have a full range of choices to make with regard to their relationship. In short, make homosexuals as respected in this society as heterosexuals. Then we can begin to compare health outcomes in roughly the year 2080.

  5. will says

    What is it with right wing nutters blaming pancreatic cancer on being gay? Compare with Philip Tartaglia, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow who earlier this year peddled the same nonsense about early deaths of gay people and claimed the death of gay Scottish MSP David Cairns as evidence – when he had also died of the same disease.

  6. bobbyjoe says

    Extrapolating from the “logic” of these thoughts, we now know that every time one of these wingnuts gets cancer and dies before they’re 75 or so, he or she is gay.

  7. Sean in Dallas says

    I know of MANY christians who died early due to pancreatic cancer. So it must be the christian lifestyle that causes premature death.

  8. atomic says

    This is hardly surprising “reasoning” coming from these right-wing idiots. They have NEVER been the sort to exhibit any degree of scientific or critical thinking. They draw conclusions based on dogmas, not evidence; on presuppositions, not data. That’s exactly why they are religious nutjobs to begin with–they are simply TOO STUPID to realize that their thought processes do not constitute any form of rational cognition.

  9. Jack M says

    Why should we be surprised? People like this don’t come to logical conclusions based on scientific evidence. They don’t have the intelligence.

  10. Homo Genius says

    Their conclusion is all wrong. maybe her marriage wasnt “broken up” but was a scam the entire time. Ive known several life long lesbians in the military who have been “married”. It was something you had to do until LAST YEAR!

  11. says

    “OMG! Sally Ride died because she was a lesbian!”

    (It just took 27 years to take effect)

    *rolls eyes*

    Do these idiots ever stop and listen to the herp-a-derp that comes oozing out of their pie holes?

  12. Bob says

    Many straight heterosexual people die young, I know both of my parents who were straight as arrows died young. More anti-gay Christian propaganda by the spin doctors from the spin agency pushing their hate agenda on the world, evil people like that work for the CIA plotting and planning how to murder or who to destroy.

  13. Tony says

    These people are evil, vile. If I believed in hell, I’d be sure these folks are going straight there. Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. Go straight to hell.

  14. says

    These people are disgusting. Sally Ride is a National Hero and these monsters attempt to denigrate the name of this amazing woman. These right wingers are just as bad as Fred Phelps and his incestuous band of assholes.

  15. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Tre: They think *we* are trying to denigrate the name of a national hero by smearing her. Remember that they have no use for People Like Us – so that calling her a lesbian is a smear tactic.

  16. Art Weiss says

    I’m 73, and blessed with good health and a youthful appearance, still lead an active sex life. And intend to keep doing it. Assholes.