1. Tristram says

    If this is true it’s a devastating blow. She was – by all accounts – a much loved and beautiful human being with so much still to offer the world.

  2. Gary says

    It’s always surprising when someone is taken in their youth. I’m not typically a fan of this genre of music, but I thought the video was fine for a low budget, first effort..not that this should be a referendum on the video. The song was kinda catchy too. RIP, Saraha.

  3. O_o says

    Dude….have some respect!!! “Fags” these days. Despite the video, Sahara was a great performer and a beautiful spirit. Wonder how much talent you have???

  4. Tim says

    Quite a boring video, full of that type of man that we’re apparently supposed to find attractive (like Janet Weiss (the character in Rocky Horror, not the drummer), I don’t like muscles). Still, I’m sure it’s very sad for friends and family (I’m not familiar with the show or the person, so I don’t really know enough to comment about those).

  5. Phil says

    Jack M, what the hell wrong with you? What the hell does it matter at this point whether you think she was the best drag queen or not? r u RuPaul? Were u a judge on the show? do u have a song and music video? no no and no…a talented, respected, well known and well liked member of our community has died…can you not be a judge judy, get off your gay holier-than-thou podium and show a morsel of respect for her death and those she left behind…seriously…wow

  6. Sam says

    Can we just stop trying to judge her right now? She’s dead. All of what she has done doesn’t matter at this point. All that matters is that this is a very sad thing, and being judgmental about what she did in her lifetime is just making it worse. Mourn and respect the dead, okay.

  7. says

    Towleroad is a HIGH quality gay website with LOW quality comment threads. Kinda sad. Idiots arguing with each other over BS and comments that could have been written by a 15 year old on facebook.

  8. Pamela says

    I had the privilege of meeting her three times. She was such an amazing person. She was and still is an inspiration and a role model to me. Rest in peace, Sahara. I love you.

  9. pork says

    some people don’t deserve computers. they should be forced to search for the meaning of “respect”.
    even those on the “good” side calling people “Fags”. that’s just as gross.

    everyone seems to want to appear as just the wittiest thing to ever use a keyboard and look at the kind of ‘conversation’ that ensues.
    thanks for my human ick moment for the day.

  10. rocker rocker says

    HE’S dead, guys, HE, not SHE. Even his boyfriend wrote, “I love HIM so much.”

    It’s truly sad. I hope his partner can take some consolation that he brought joy to so many lives as “Sahara Davenport.”

  11. Madeleine says

    Enough with the bashing — now is NOT the time. You all really need to learn a thing or two about being appropriate.
    This is such a tragic loss for the drag community — Sahara was a fierce performer, a beautiful person, and an inspiration to so many fans. My heart goes out to her friends and family, especially Manila <3

  12. Rich F. says

    I met Antoine at a friend’s party (he was performing in a show that said friend had written)… he was an incredibly sweet person: very friendly and warm, not the least bit “diva-ish”…

    I’m sorry for your loss, Karl.

  13. Michael says

    @Rocker Rocker: Many of us met HER and never met HIM. You obviously don’t hang out with drag queens. Of course HIS boyfriend said “him” because Manilla wasn’t dating just the drag queen.

    Get over it and figure out the terms. If I, or anyone else, ever met HIM then we would have said so.

  14. Michael says

    @Rocker Rocker: Many of us met HER and never met HIM. You obviously don’t hang out with drag queens. Of course HIS boyfriend said “him” because Manilla wasn’t dating just the drag queen.

    Get over it and figure out the terms. If I, or anyone else, ever met HIM then we would have said so.

  15. RIPsahara says

    RIP Sahara (Antoine) Davenport. My heart is breaking for his family and partner Manila (Karl) Luzon. I his family can find peace. For those of you who think now is the time to judge her performance as a drag queen, shame on you! You are entitled to your opinion, but this is not the time or place.

  16. sandi shader says

    I really can believe how much disrespect some people have. To come on here and say negative things about Sahara or Antoine is just rude. I did meet her, she was sweet and kind. My heart goes out to the family and to Manilla. RIP Sahara. You will be missed

  17. Lance says

    A lot of the comments on this thread should hopefully prove who is a “fag” and who is “gay”.

    I actually haven’t seen Sahara perform, but some bitter queens mocking production values when someone JUST DIED need to silence themselves.

    Some of the comments on this thread are the very reason we aren’t respected.

  18. Rick says

    I would be willing to bet that the average life span of drag queens is less than 35 years.

    The low self-esteem issues simply devour them, whether through drug abuse, alcohol abuse, acquisition of STDs, or what have you….

    No man who has surrendered his masculinity can ever have any self-respect.

    Really tragic to see the consequences of the culture of effeminacy that oppression has wrought…..

  19. Michael says


    Would you please stuff it? Why don’t you post a picture of yourself so we can see hwo “manly” you really are? It’d be a safe bet you’re just like every other queen who wants to scream about how not-gay they come across: You’re probably the biggest Nelly on this thread.

  20. Dee Haynes says

    I just read about the passing of a beautiful person and a talented performer Sahara Davenport/ Antoine Ashley. I would like to send out my condolences to his family a friends in this time of grief. Bless you all and Rest In Peace Diva

  21. kipp says

    “bless you, antoine, and your loved ones that you touched.”

    That is such an awesomely awkward phrasing of condolences that you should consider it stolen.

  22. MaddM@ says

    rick reaches new levels of pathetic, please don’t feed the trolls. If only there were a way to ignore comments from user before they’re displayed or have the username come FIRST so I can just skip seeing someone so shamelessly try to draw attention to themselves time and again while contributing nothing relevant

    RIP honey, and heart out to Karl/Manila

  23. Sarah says

    How about not bashing anyone’s masculinity/femininity as if either were ideal? Sahara/Antoine was who s/he chose to be, and reasons for it don’t matter, unless you’re his/her best friend/partner. The whys of people’s behavior aren’t your business as a fan. The best we can do here is express sadness for the loss of a young person who clearly had a a lot of energy and heart and offer condolences to the loved ones left behind. Honestly, the way people act. . .

  24. Rick says

    “reasons for it don’t matter”

    Yes, they do matter because they can be prevented. Nothing is more sickening than seeing young men being initiated into the culture of effeminacy and having their lives destroyed by it……when it does not have to be that way.

  25. says

    I would like to send my deepest Condolences and Sympathies to the family and friends of Sahara Davenport and Sahara’s partner the Manila Luzon . It saddens me to have
    say that Sahara has passed away yesterday.
    I am in complete and utter shock. Waking up and seeing that such a beautiful soul has passed on is just so heartbreaking. I was so blessed to have been able to watch this fabulous queen on her season.
    There is no news yet on how this happened . Sahara was most famous for her season on Rupauls Drag Race . She stole our hearts with her amazing talent, sweet personality and joy about life. The Drag Community and the LGBT Community is in mourning today as we have lost one of our own.

    May you rest in Peace Sahara. You are now a Angel watching over all of us . Thank you for sharing your life with us and for impacting so many of us. We love you so much and your talent will forever be a part of all of our lives! Dance freely sweet Angel xoxo

  26. says

    let’s see, a proud brave young man who brought many joy to others via performance….or the insecure closeted homosexuals who don’t have the balls to Live Out Loud and instead anonymously vent their fury on online messageboards.

    who’s the victim? certainly not the one who’s out living fearlessly in the real world.

    RIP, Sahara. You brave and beautiful thing.

  27. says

    one of the best things about brave folks like Sahara is that they inspire similar bravery in others, and inspire The Haters to sit alone miserably at home.

    so we get a world of people who live out loud and have fun, while the insecure and furious self-loathers sit at home and stew over it.

    so thank you, Sahara, and your sisters in spirit, for doing what you did to make sure the Real Gay World is troll-free. :)

  28. jersey says

    All I know of Sahara Davenport is what I could glean from the show, I don’t remember him ever saying anything bad about another contestant and you could tell from both his and Manila Luzon’s references to each other they had a deep and caring relationship. I don’t doubt he was one of the good people on this earth. Sorry for his family and loved ones for their loss.

  29. Sarah says

    Please read more critically, Rick. I said that the reasons s/he chose to be who s/he was don’t matter. S/he lived the life that seemed best to him/her and that isn’t your business, nor is it mine. We don’t know how s/he died, and we might never know. It’s honestly not our business unless his/her family choose to include us. And precisely what is it that you’re saying about me if “effeminacy” is such a terrible thing? As a woman, should I “butch up” and live in a way that isn’t authentic to me because “femininity” or “effeminacy” is such a terrible thing? This attitude is what’s honestly wrong with the world; that people need to live in keeping with the views of what is “right” for others. . . Also, I know a good hundred or so queens (IRL). . . of those I’d say that 50% or so (and all of my close friends(10-12 or so) who are professional female impersonators) are over 35. Of that number, half are totally straight-edged (don’t smoke, drink, do drugs, etc). So let’s try not to make so many foolish blanket comments, ‘Kay?

  30. Rick says

    “As a woman, should I “butch up” and live in a way that isn’t authentic to me because “femininity” or “effeminacy” is such a terrible thing?”

    No, Sarah, of course not. Femininity comes as naturally to women as masculinity does to men–and is driven more by physiological factors than by cultural factors.

    Men who behave effeminately and women who “butch it up” have simply internalized the old societal notion that homosexuality is unnatural and a reflection of gender confusion….and they are acting out that ideology accordingly, when in reality, homosexuality is entirely natural and entirely compatible with masculinity in men and femininity in women.

  31. AngelaChanning says

    RuPaul is right – we see people with such beautiful spirits and we do think they are immortal. Thank you Sahara for being such a wonderful entertainer and my condolences to Manila. RIP Beautiful Lady.

  32. says

    @ Jay: that’s a terrible notion. As gauche as the Negative Nancies have been–okay, VERY gauche– we all have to deal with it (…You take the good / You take the bad / You take them both and there you have The Facts of Life…)

    If you don’t like someone’s point of view, well, either ignore it, get over it or say something. To suppress someone from their opinion, even if they’re being a ____, would be tragic, not to mention very boring. If everyone always agreed, what a dangerously mediocre species we’d be.

    Oh, and RIP Sahara.

    (Sorry for the lateness)

  33. Jack says

    Maybe if Andy found time to MODERATE THESE THREADS, we wouldn’t have put up with the trolls, bigots and losers who flock to a story like this!
    MOST of us who have read Towleroad since the beginning are still holding out a small glimmer of hope that it might *one day* become a site where we can co-operatively discuss, celebrate and sometimes [like in this case] mourn together over issues that often do affect us all.
    God Bless all of you who speak with kindness :)

  34. says

    Pearly papules are not related to sexually transmitted diseases (diseases, sexually transmitted infections), so there is no risk of transmission to their sexual partners during sexual contact. You have to remember not to try to remove them yourself.

  35. lila says

    Blessings to all of those affected by the departure of her presence. I found both Antoine and Sahara to be a joy! You have taught people so much and that is truly a blessing and your legacy. My heart and prayers go out to all surviving family, friends, and loved ones.

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