1. Jason says

    Guys, it sucks Obama didn’t dominate, but let’s not go crazy conspiracy theorist here, if you watched the debate, you saw Romeny blot his face with a pocket square on at least two occasions. That is what that is. Only an absolute sociopath would attempt to violate a rule like that on live TV when cameras are covering you on on all sides.

  2. drunker says

    As a lifelong hankerchief user (white-don’t read anything into that) I have wonder what man puts a hankerchief in his front pocket. Unless of course he has an open weepy sore on his circumsized cock. Eewwww Romney has syphlis!!!

  3. Scott says

    Andy, if you go to the end of the debate when the families are coming onto the stage, Romney goes back to the lectern and picks-up whatever is on there as well. Hopefully, someone will review those tapes as well.

  4. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Obama, arrived the day of the debate with jet lag and had not adjusted to Colorado’s altitude, wasn’t in the best of shape to bring an A game to the debate.

  5. anon says

    Obama did his debate prep in Nevada at a golf resort. There was no jet lag involved.

    Here’s what USA Today said: “Basically they’re keeping me indoors all the time,” Obama told a supporter on the phone during a visit to a Las Vegas area field office.

    “It’s a drag,” he added. “They’re making me do my homework.”

    To be sure, Obama also said he had a “great prep” yesterday, and “it was a lot of fun.”

  6. J says

    It’s definitely a handkerchief.. it looks like a folded hanky.. it flops on the lectern like fabric…. doesn’t mean it was devoid of any sort of writing tho… lol

  7. walbes says

    At the end of the debate Romney goes to the lectern and retrieves something and whatever it is, he gives it to his son, who then puts it in his inside suite jacket pocket. Pretty weird if he hands him his used handkerchief.

  8. Bill says

    If you stop the video as he puts the object down, roughly 14 seconds into the video, the object appears to be rectangular and given its size, too stiff to be a hankie. I’d have expected a hankie to bend more given that Romney seemed to be holding it on an edge. Also, the shape is way too rectangular, with what looks like 90 degree corners. You’d have to be really anal to fold a handkerchief that well and have it come out of your pocket without any changes.

    Also, most people don’t take handkerchiefs out of their pockets until they need one.

    Romney’s best excuse would be to claim it was a “good luck” note from his wife with nothing relevant to the debate on it.

  9. JVC says

    At end of debate I remember him running to the podium taking off what looks like that paper and then handing it to his son. Why would he hand a hanky to his son if he blew his nose?

  10. albertam says

    what a Scroungy character romney is, well this guy will do anything to win the debate. hanky or no seems that he knows what the question and he has a showmanship answer. he is just up to no good.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    You know what appears to the best thing coming out of this debate? It’s that the undecided voters don’t seem to give a sh.t about Romney’s “triumph”. They were not impressed. Probably because he did so much lying and he came across as cheerfully evil. Oh, it made his Republican base orgasmic, but nobody else.

    Funny how things can change so quickly.

  12. Randall Black says

    I was watching the debate on my laptop a CNN was live streaming the debate. after Gov Romneys Gov family was on stage with his family, waving to the crowd and everything and the commentators was giving their take on the debate and the streaaming coverage on the platform still live, Gov Romney walks back behind the lecture and takes a paper folds it places it inside his suit jacket and then he does something very strange, he takes it out of his suit jacket and hands the paper to his son who then places it inside his sports jacket, cnn should have some film on it, becuase I know I saw it

  13. John says

    I noticed him wipe his nose and/or upper lip with about 10 minutes to go; I immediately thought of Nixon debating Kennedy and losing because of excessive sweat/brow wiping.

    Admit it, Obama lost … Romney was far superior that night.

    I firmly believe that Biden will crush Ryan and Obama will be on his A-game for the next two. Do not sweat it (pun intended) all will be well.

  14. Seriously says

    You lot are as bad as birthers. Obama had an off night …secret writing and magic decoder hankies needn’t be used to explain it. Exactly how big was this hanky? How many “notes” do you think romney could have secreted away. Grow up.

  15. Andrew Nichols says

    I think it’s notes because after the debate I remember it seemed weird that he went back to the podium to pick something up… so I imagine he picked up the notes. That full video, after Obama greeted his family, was on the live online link I watched.

  16. Bill says

    Someone calling himself “Seriously” said, “You lot are as bad as birthers. Obama had an off night …secret writing and magic decoder hankies needn’t be used to explain it.”

    I stopped the video (youtube version to make the image bigger) and took a screen snapshot of whatever Romney was holding and then edited the image to increase the contrast and then the saturation, to try to bring out where Romney’s hand was. It looked like he was holding about 1/2 of it. It seems to be too rectangular to be a folded handkerchief, but it is hard to tell exactly what it was.

    Regardless, the issue raised was not Obama’s performance, but whether Romney cheated by not following the rules. If he cheated, why should we trust him?

  17. Icebloo says

    This reminds me of the debate with George W Bush when TV crews were strongly instructed not to film him from behind or from one side (because he had an ear piece so they could feed the dumbass information). This made headlines at the time but we never had any kind of official investigation because the Republicans wanted it covered up and they control all of the media, the police, the courts etc.

  18. says

    It would be cheating because notes are very specifically not allowed during the presidential debates.

    But this is a sideshow, and Romney didn’t appear to be consulting notes during the debate. People should be more focused on his many lies and bad policy ideas, which remain the same, whether he had a cheat sheet or a sweat rag.

  19. Diogenes Arktos says

    It greatly amuses me to hear us talk at such great length as experts on handkerchiefs.

    “only an absolute sociopath”
    I thought we already had this debate and decided for the above proposition.

  20. andrew says

    Obama’s problem at the debate was not a possible Romney cheat sheet. His problem was his own weak performance. He better get his act together. This country doesn’t need a Republican President, a lot of regressive policies, a more conservative Supreme Court etc.

  21. Jeanne says

    All I have to say is whatever Romney does to make people question his character, the better! He can do whatever he wants, as long as he gets caught. Whatever he does to help President Obama I truly appreciate! It’s been one thing after another with him! It seems as though you can not trust that man as far as you can throw him! His actions or his words! Depending on who he is talking to he makes up what he thinks they want to
    hear, regardless whether its the truth or not! I cannot stomach the thought of him becoming our president. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing good can come of it! The idea of it scares me! With all his help, Obama will win. Thank you Mr. Romney

  22. Diogenes Arktos says

    @WDS: While the LDS “legitimated” African-Americans in 1978, it has yet to “legitimate” females. They do not get to have the “temple garments” – just to wash them for their husbands. Yet another religious organization that needs to grant women equality:(

  23. Chuck Mielke says

    Isn’t it sufficient that he reversed himself on every major policy issue he had mentioned in the last year of campaigning? While outright lying could be considered a strategy to throw off the debating opponent, it seems like cheating to me.

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