Satellite Photo Shows Hurricane Sandy’s Massive Size


Check out this global view taken by NOAA's GOES-13 satellite on Sunday morning, October 28 at 9:02AM EDT. You can see the massive size of the hurricane as it churns up the east coast.


  1. David says

    Massive???? Are you people blind? Please. It’s only a Cat 1 storm.
    This is only news because it’s headed towards New York.
    If this were a Gulf of Mexico storm headed for the Mississippi or Alabama Gulf Coast, there would be little or no mention of this storm in the National news.
    Typical East Coast bias. “It’s happening to us so it’s the most important thing evar!!!

  2. gomez says

    @david. it’s 1100 miles in diameter. it’s huge. and there was extensive coverage of katrina and every other hurricane before they landed.

    come back to planet earth

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