1. MarkUs says

    Did SNL “delegitimize” Biden’s debate performance? Seems that skit was on every web site. BTW, there was a single online CBS poll that showed Biden winning, every other poll did not. What color is the sky in your world?

  2. Sean in Dallas says

    Yow…polls also show intelligent design is a viable theory.

    I guess who you think won the debate depends on whether you value hyperbole and fiction (Ryan) over factual information (Biden).

  3. Well, yes says

    Actually, what Markus said is true: in all the polls but one the majority of those polled who thought there was a winner, particularly independents, identified Ryan as the winner of the debate. Moreover, they have indicated that they were turned off by Biden’s behavior. There’s a Pew poll out today re-confirming those findings.

    This is simply fact.

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