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The OXD Mirror: New Music for 10.5.12



The OXD Mirror is a weekly music column brought to you by the boys of OCCUPY THE DISCO (OXD), a New York City based movement created by three music lovers, Ru Bhatt, Josh Appelbaum, and Tadeu Magalhães, who want to share their love for disco, house and dance music with the world.


Woolfy vs. Projections: 'Running Around Your Love'

LA duo Simon James (Woolfy) and Dan Hastie (Projections) have been making music together since 1999. They have recently released The Return of Love, their second full length album on German label Permanent Vacation, featuring chill soundscapes that range from house to dub and balearic. The entire album is filled with extremely well-composed tracks, and 'Running Around Your Love' stands out right away with its whispered lyrics, and funky bass. Make sure to check out The Return of Love in its entirety, as the track really comes to life when heard in context to the rest of the album.


DCUP: 'I'm Corrupt (Viceroy Remix)'

Mostly known for the infamous club track 'We Speak No Americano,' Australian producer DCUP has a new release that sounds much less eager to be a mass dance floor hit — but is no less audacious. The song has been re-interpreted by Viceroy, who injects a "summer-all-year-long" mood into the track. By putting together a piano, a great bass line and vocals by cheerful children and you he invokes a smile from anyone who listens. In this case, it's likely to elicit a few dance moves as well.


Jeremy Glenn: 'Partytime (Extended)'

One the most fascinating aspects of disco music is how it is constantly being referenced and re-interpreted, even three decades past its "death." With 'Partytime,' Jeremy Glenn reminds us of the 70's when he borrows Christine Wiltshire's classic vocal performance for Phreek's 'Weekend,' but he also takes us back to the 90's by mixing it all up with some claps and classic house beats. This modern song captures the joyous energy of the 70's, making it apparent why disco provided the soundtrack for gay liberation in the United States at that time.


Ejeca: 'Horizon'

'Horizon' is the first release of young Irish producer Ejeca on one of my favorite record labels, Needwant. After a couple of EPs that helped showcase his talent for dance floor-ready music, Ejeca's brand new release is a clear indication that he could soon be placed amongst some of the best house music producers out there. This powerful work should be experienced in its full glory on a dance floor, preferably one with a great sound system.


Tyson: 'Mr. Rain (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake)'

Lithuanian superstar producer Mario Basanov has been constantly raising the bar with every remix and original production he releases, and his rework for Tyson's 'Mr. Rain' is no exception. Though mostly known for creating hypnotic deep house melodies (often released through Needwant Records,) this time around Basanov went down a decidely 80's-inspired path, combining synths with Tyson's scratchy vocals. Basanov serves up an iconic dance track that reminds us of producers like Pnau.

OCCUPY THE DISCO (OXD) curates and recommends music events to the gay community in NYC—in an effort to move the focus of the nightlife scene beyond the promoter and venue and to the music itself. OXD's goal is to educate, entertain, engage and empower the gay audience to reclaim their ability to question and experience the unknown. The OXD Mirror will serve to showcase tunes that are definitely off-the-beaten-path but rightfully deserve the attention of the gay ear. It's music that will make you dance, dream, and most importantly, love.


Occupy the Disco for Aeroplane @Highline Ballroom

Tonight we are inviting our gay friends in New York to Occupy the Disco with us as we hear Aeroplane spin at Highline Ballroom. Originally a duo (comprised of Vito De Luca & Stephen Fasano, now The Magician), Aeroplane gained tremendous amounts of buzz with their spacious cosmic disco remixes of Grace Jones (William’s Blood), and Friendly Fires (Paris). Considered a leader in the nu-disco and Balearica scene, Aeroplane’s records demonstrate a passion for soulful disco and early ’80s electronica.

Aeroplane's recently shared a preview of his remix for Kimbra, who everyone may know from her collaboration with Gotye on 'Somebody I Used to Know.' The classic disco guitar in the background adds an uplifting layer to this song, and we can easily see this one becoming as big as Aeroplane's remix for 'Paris.' Supporting Aeroplane will be Fixed NYC, DJs JDH & Dave P, as well as Catz ‘n Dogz. Bring a few friends to occupy the dancefloor with us for a night of cosmic-disco dancing, and let us know if you can attend via our Facebook Event Page.

This week's post was written and curated by Tadeu Magalhães.

For more information on OXD, check out our website and accompanying blog at, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter: @OccupyTheDisco.


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  1. Surprise, surprise. I was pretty sure you guys were going to go with the Plastic Plates and Oliver remixes that hit this week.

    The Aeroplane remix of Paris is one of my all time favs. I had no idea The Magician was once Aeroplane. No wonder I love them both.

    Posted by: kirkyo | Oct 5, 2012 3:39:37 PM

  2. I would question disco's role in gay liberation. I think disco was fundamental to the party scene, a scene which is not the definition of gay liberation. Ok, there was the occasional I Will Survive anthem but these were few and far between. Most disco songs were about sex and love - anybody could dance to them regardless of orientation.

    As for modern dance music with its umpteen re-mixes, spare me. It's atrocious and has no talent behind it. Pushing buttons on a computer to make music does not require talent and neither does manufacturing a tuneful voice.

    Posted by: jason | Oct 6, 2012 10:28:12 AM

  3. Go JASON...while certainly a curmudgeon you're huge fun to read, and often to contemplate.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Oct 6, 2012 10:41:01 AM

  4. The Aeroplane Remix of Kimbra's "Two-Way Street" is f**king AMAZING! Love her voice too. Finally, a real voice!

    Posted by: Joe De Hoyos | Oct 6, 2012 12:33:26 PM

  5. @Kirkyo Ha! There is so much good music out there, we figured it would be best to showcase different artists as much as possible. I did love the new Plastic Plates and Oliver remixes too! Last night we went to see Aeroplane and it was a memorable night. You would've loved it.

    @Jason If you are interested, I would recommend you to watch the documentary BBC released this year called 'The Joy of Disco'. It is on YouTube ( and it outlines very well how important the disco scene was for gay liberation in NYC, from before Stonewall to the following decade with gay personalities like Sylvester hitting the charts. The disco scene helped gay civil rights to bloom and gay culture to be more accepted by mainstream audiences.

    In regards to modern dance music, these producers and artists are not just "pushing buttons on a computer". Most of them actually play live instruments and use the computer to assemble all the pieces into new tracks. And even when music is created in a computer or synth in its entirety, it still requires talent to put musical notes together. Giorgio Moroder created 'I Feel Love' only using synthesizers and invited Donna Summer to sing it, and you can't deny the power and importance of that song. It is the same thing as saying a writer that only writes on a computer is soulless because they didn't use pen or ink; or that an illustrator that draws directly on a computer has no talent. I would like to show you two short videos that may help you understand how these artists (DJs and producers) create these songs:

    - Todd Terje, one of my truly favorite producers at the moment:

    - Kindness' music video for his song 'House,' where he explains his passion for pop music and how he built this song:

    Hopefully this will help you think about electronic and dance music a bit differently now.

    @Joe de Hoyos I'm obsessed with this remix, playing on repeat for the past two days!

    Posted by: Tadeu (OXD) | Oct 6, 2012 5:12:23 PM

  6. Todd Terje wasn't on my radar until the Its The Arps release. All those tracks are amazing.

    Posted by: kirkyo | Oct 7, 2012 9:25:32 PM

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