Towleroad Poll – Seniors Vote – First Presidential Debate

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  1. andrew says

    @”The Gay”: Everything matters in a close contest. And this one is going to be close.

  2. i could go on, but I won't says

    No one will be voting based only on this debate. And as of right now it is not close. It could become close. But today Obama would win.

    And the potential for some real dirt on Romney is still out there.

  3. ratbastard says

    This debate DID MATTER, and the president lost it by a landslide. But, I still think he’ll be re-elected.

    Romney’s biggest flaw in clinching this election is the likability factor, of in his case, non-likability. Practicing hard to perfect a faux smile doesn’t make you appear warm and likable. And in fact the guy is neither of those things in private. But from what I hear, neither is Obama, he just publicly comes across as more likable than Romney.