1. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, Lord. Mama Deranged is just what the Towleroad racists needed after all these weeks showcasing non-Black bigots like the council member in Grande Island Nebraska. They needed a Black bigot fix.

    Oh, well, let’s do homophobia in Africa this week, then let’s do Russia next week, and don’t forget Kansas around Holloween! Oh, goody.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Isn’t it astounding how backward so many people are about “the gays”, even here in the US of A, in the year 2012? And, to think homosexuality is NOT an “African culture”. Hmmmm, let me think about this. Don’t most evolutionists believe modern humans migrated from southwestern Africa – an area known as the “Cradle of Mankind”? Oh, wait, one has to believe in science and, especially, human evolution first. Since “the gays” are (I think) considered a part of humanity, it would seem we indeed ARE an “African culture” in spite of what this bigoted Ugandan lawmaker (and millions just like her) chooses to believe.

  3. Luke says

    @Derrick from philly, you sound like you might need therapy? Go outside and take a walk you grouch!

    Anyway, I’m getting a lesbian vibe from this lady. Sad that she can’t learn to love herself..

  4. Bob says

    It appears that Hitler has come back to life as a black woman in Africa. Who will she come for next?

  5. Fenrox says

    Thanks a ton Christians. I always like to point out that all the “positive” things that Christians do is this; they just set up another society to get ruined, all under the guise of help and aid. Christians are the #1 reason Africa is in such a state. Try banning that crap lady.

  6. says

    well, this makes sense as “homosexuality” is obviously the biggest issue in Uganda. I mean, their rime rate is nonexistent. there’s incredible education and healthcare for all citizens, their economy is obviously the strongest on the planet, and there’s literally no poverty or violence. yeah. the biggest threat is the gays.

    because everything else about Uganda is positively Utopic.

  7. Francis says

    Ugandan lawmakers use homosexuality as a means to deflect from true issues in the country they are unwilling and/or incapable of fixing. Similar to what many social conservatives do in this country—-use “gay” as a scapegoat.

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    One needs to remember that the 19c proto-martyrs of Uganda included pages who rejected the non-Christian king’s same-sex advances. Apparently the raping of children by the king is ok, but the same-sex aspect is not.

    It’s truly sad that Archbishop Desmond Tutu has retired from the public eye – but at his age it’s quite understandable.

  9. says

    Francis, I wish more North Americans understood your point because it’s the clear honest truth.

    whenever you see a lawmaker or politician taking an “anti-gay” stance, know that they’re doing it because they’re hoping that you’re stupid enough to vote with your bigotry and not with the brain you’re supposed to be using. why? because they plan on screwing you over fiscally. that’s why. Vote against the gays, and then wonder why you have to sell your house when your daughter gets leukemia and you can’t afford treatment, and you didnt’ get a tax break.

    literally. every country around the world does it, and there’s no excuse for supposedly-“enlightened” north americans to keep being so stupid about this – anti-gay politicians are only anti-gay because they know you’re an idiot, they’re COUNTING on it, and they’re hoping you’ll vote against your own best interests by choosing bigotry over facts.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    I don’t think the homosexuals in those countries are cutting off clits and AIDS raping your women… so, who are the ones that should be in prison again?

  11. Rick says

    Actually, Derrick, I think the interesting aspect of this story is that one of the few women in the Ugandan Parliament stood up and demonstrated how deeply women are threatened by male homosexuality…….and was rejected by most of the male members.

    No more surprising to me than the loud-mouthed opposition to gay rights of Liberia’s first woman President, Ellen Johnson, Sirleaf……who, like Julia Gilliard, Australia’s prime minister who was featured in a story yesterday, combines feminist ideology with hostility to male homosexualityh.

    All of which just underscores the reality that I keep pointing out, namely that there is no affinity or common cause between straight women and gay men–not in this country or anywhere else in the world–because, when push comes to shove, the sexual liberation of men is not in the best interests of women and represents a threat to the social power that women possess…..and, by extension, a threat to feminism.

    No matter how desperately some of you want to believe otherwise.

    And once we get beyond the point where the debate is about “equal rights” and to the point where male homosexuality actually begins to become acceptable and even considered “cool” by most men, all this will become much more apparent.

    Recognizing this simply makes me a man ahead of my time, as I always have been in other aspects of life……..

  12. says

    Please assure the American people that we, as a country, are not fostering such bigotry with American money. All funds or assistance to Uganda should cease immediately. All Ugandan gay people should be granted American asylum without hesitation.

  13. Rick says

    “Ah, what a God-forsaken place! Ugh!
    I wouldn’t ever want to go to such a dump.”

    Uganda is actually quite beautiful, at least what is left of the natural Uganda. Gorgeous mountain ranges with some of the last mountain gorillas on earth. Kampala is a pit, like almost all African cities are, though.

    And attitudes towards homosexuality aside, Africans are generally very hospitable people, especially when you get off the wildlife circuits, which are the only places that attract a lot of foreign visitors.

    What white American will find most refreshing about traveling in Black Africa is that the suspicions involving race that always color almost every interaction with an African-American do not apply in the case of Africans. They generally do not assume, for example, that when you become angry with them for some reason or criticize them for something that your motivation for doing so is racism. And that makes it much easier to get along.

  14. Rick says

    “A complete cut-off of all aid to Africa from North America and Europe”

    Cut off aid and you lose any influence. China’s dream-come-true, on a continent where they are already very much in ascendancy.

    When I was in Ethiopia 4 years ago, the Chinese were building roads everywhere, designed of course to enable their own economic colonization of the country by exploiting its natural resources.

  15. gregory brown says

    I’m sure she must be enmeshed in one of the Pentecostal cults that have harvested too many African souls. Despite the ecstatic worship forms they may present that are similar to some African indigenous religions, those indeed are Not of Africa.

  16. UFFDA says

    RICK, as usual, is one of the most interesting commenters on this site. That he infuriates the fems and the clones just makes what he has to say into a spectator sport.

    Oh, and Miss Uganda needs a girlfriend.

  17. The Milkman says

    Girlfriend’s just pissed off that some queen at the Dress Barn convinced her that leg o’mutton sleeves were back in style.

  18. Rick says

    “@Rick…you really do like to hear yourself talk girl”

    “@RICK You just gave “crazy” a new kinda meaning. I mean, wow!

    Meds, girlfriend, meds.”

    Two good illustrations of the crippling effect that oppression has had on the ability of gay mean to think rationally–stemming from the internalization of the larger societal notion that being attracted to other men equates to being a pseudo-woman rather than a man (evidenced by the use of the words “girl” and “girlfriend” to refer to themselves and other gay men)….the result of which has been an irrational identification with women among such men (and projection of their identities onto women) that prevents them from seeing what women really are and what really motivates their behavior…..

    Evidenced also in the cognitive dissonance in the comments yesterday in the story about Gilliard, the homophobic feminist.

    Not to worry, though. The sexual and emotional liberation of men, being led, ironically, by “straight” men, will eventually do away with the factors that caused so many gay men to become so psychologically mal-adjusted.

  19. The Milkman says

    Yes, Rick, and I’m sure that straight men calling each other “dude” stems from the internalization of the turn-of-the-century notion that masculinity is inherently linked to and identified with working as a ranch hand and riding a horse, driving cattle from stockyard to stockyard.

    “Girl” etc in this context is a colloquialism, often regional, and doesn’t really mean much more than that anymore.

    I do agree with your statement that the sexual and emotional liberation of men is a valuable goal. It seems, however, that the nefarious motivations that you seem to ascribe to women are a bit of a stretch.

  20. Diogenes Arktos says

    There are, unfortunately, American culprits – the Religious Right has been loose, particularly in Uganda, spreading lies about gays and then are surprised that the result is a kill-the-gays bill. The RC in Uganda has thumbed its nose at the Pope by supporting the death penalty in this case.

    At one point, some Anglican churches in Africa were complaining about The Episcopal Church’s “heresy” about gays but were still happy to take money from TEC. Once the hypocrasy was made public they shunned TEC completely.

  21. SayTheTruth says

    I understand. As long as there are homosexuals out there, not in a for life imprisonment, Africa won’t be as successful as, to say, Denmark. Had they known it earlier…

  22. Tristram says

    Africa doesn’t need to “stand up and be counted”. Africa needs to get their house in order.

  23. Noniguy says

    EVERYONE: Are you aware the US ministries fund ‘outreach’ in Uganda and many other nations. They are teaching intolerance as they spread their gospel around the world. This is American influenced.

  24. Yupp says

    Okay, by “our” standards she’s a kook, yeah, but….is anything about Uganda a fair guage to use about women, Africa, Christians, Catholics, homophobes, or anything at all? Isn’t that a country that should be one of the nominees for the Dysfunctional History Academy Awards ?

  25. robert says

    It says that the proposal was fortunately rejected. At first I was surprised, but it comes down to politics. While there are more anti-gay nations in Africa, than pro-gay ones—the country with the most political muscle in the Afican Union is still South Africa. Which is the one with the most pro-gay laws. All the smaller African countries are faced with the decision—be bigoted like Uganda, or side with South Africa, which has the most money and political clout? They will eventually side with South Africa usually.