1. M. Scott Hernandez says

    Just vote! This is the only thing that needs to be remembered. Besides, it is a great reason to be fashionable late to work or leave early.

  2. jason says

    Being trans is not the same as being gay. Many trans people do NOT want to be thought of as gay. In a sense, trans people are homophobic.

    I certainly don’t want prejudice towards trans people being conflated with prejudice towards homosexuality. They are like chalk and cheese. I don’t want to be a part of some phony victimhood coalition that conflates the two prejudices.

  3. jason says

    What I hate most about trans people is that they tend to be really brave and live open lives and I can’t do that myself. And whenever I see a trans person who is supported by people who aren’t trans I get furious because there isn’t a single non-gay person in my life that doesn’t wish me dead.

  4. jason says

    Why would a male-to-female trans person be at a disadvantage? In fact, changing one’s appearance to a woman puts one at an advantage. On the street, women are allowed to wear both dresses and trousers, men can wear only trousers. It’s a double standard which women exploit.

    Liberals have created a society where women are allowed certain privileges that men aren’t. Male-to-female trans people exploit this double standard along with natural women.

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