1. Michael says

    It kinda feels like the last scne from Longtime Companion where they’re like “could you imagine?” And everyone who died comes walking down on the beach. Obviously its a bad analogy but the day when the tides turn will be a day to celebrate.

  2. Ozu says

    Hmmm, this is obviously great news but I’m not convinced that the lead is anywhere near 15%. A lot of folks will tell a pollster that they’ll vote for equality and turn around and vote no in the privacy of the voting booth. Now is not the time to get complacent!!

  3. AJ says

    They neglected to mention MN. We are getting POUNDED by NOM’s ridiculous ads here. And my stupid home state looks like it’s going to pass the fkng amendment. What? Are we a lost cause at this point? It will get voted down by a landslide here in the Twin Cities but the country bumpkins in the iron range and elsewhere are going to wreck our chances.

  4. melvin says

    I live here. It is people like Maureen Walsh who make the difference.

    We have a real shot.

  5. esurience says

    Reporting it in this inaccurate yet hopeful way does not help our cause, and indeed may cause overconfidence which would hurt us.

    We need more than 50% of people to vote YES. So we are leading by 5%, not 15%, because 55% of people currently say that are voting YES.

    It’s not the difference between the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ number that matters, it’s how much above the 50% bar we are that matters. Please report it that way. We have a 5% lead, NOT a 15% lead.

  6. Seattle Mike says

    And the opponents of gay marriage haven’t yet started their ad blitz. They’re due to begin this week, with ads to make people just afraid and confused enough to vote against us. This is far from a done deal.

  7. John Bisceglia says

    Yeah, not dancing yet. My own local paper, the Bellingham Herald, came out against equality in Sunday, Sept. 30th’s “Whatcom View”.

  8. Anthony says

    I think we’ll win in WA, but I’m more concerned about Maryland, even though the ballot language is very much in our favor there.

  9. mikenola says

    I realize that each state is focused on their vote, so it is understandable that is where most of the comments come from.

    that said, I unfortunately live in a red state that has zero chance of even having a vote on the issue in the next 100 years.

    hell half the state still thinks the south won the civil war and that think “blacks with rights” are just a way to scare little white kids in to being good, like the boogey man.

    from that perspective, that a republican woman made this ad is kind of a good thing, (I am as far from a republican as you can get on social issues) an should recognized as an advancement.