1. scott says

    To be fair Jim Lehrer was like a lil ol granny- they needed someone forceful to say “NO! We’re gonna talk about other stuff now”

    but yeah- Romney did steamroll right over him. So mad Obama didn’t bring his game last night. Hope he does in the next two.

  2. io.caprone says

    Jim Lehrer and Robin MacNeil ran the best news program around. That’s – unfortunately – not how we get the news anymore. Cable News is the dominant attitude. An attitude that precludes the news.

    I watched this on YouTube in Mexico and just cringed. A good reminder of why I hate Cable News and the crazy lack of logic behind arguments. With no logic to an argument, it’s all about the “zingers.”

    Freaking horrifying. And also freaking reality anymore

  3. i could go on, but I won't says

    I think Romney just pulled an Al Gore. Desperation? When you’re coming from behind you’ve got nothing to lose.

    Obama could stand back because he has the lead.

  4. David says

    What world do you all live in? Obama was rude to both men and hogged as much time as he could. Romney CRUSHED Obama even as Lehrer tried to coach Obama along as his human teleprompter. Please take a class in ctitical analysis before the next debate and maybe you will be able to think for yourselves and stop being overwhelmed with joy puppets for the man you have been led to believe is on the down low. Peace&Love.

  5. chuck says

    PBS seems to be frozen in a 1950’s scenario.
    Don’t rock the boat…you’re nothing but a talking head. Every time Republicans try to defund PBS, they crawl into their little nests and whimper for help from Progressives. Lehrer is the archetype for PBS reporters.

  6. Ricco says

    Romney threatens to eliminate funding for PBS, thus eliminate Jim Leher’s job, and Obama says nothing?

    Why did he not say that Romneys threat is apropro for who the man is: a man who eliminates jobs, closes down American companies,personally fires people, and that what we are likely to experience under a Romney administration is an extension of what he did at Bain Capitol? Why did he not bring up the 47% ?

    Something is worng when Obama cannot beat Thurston Howell III at a debate . . . very wrong indeed!

  7. Alan says

    If by “crushed” you mean flip-flopped on positions he’s held for months and shamelessly told lies that the president failed to call him out on then yes.

  8. Gregoire says

    Mitt performed ably and didn’t let facts or manners get in his way. That was a superb performance in keeping his base energized, but I’m not sure if that did much to would turn many ‘undecideds’ his way.

    It would have had more impact if Obama had seemed incompetent. He didnt; he just seemed exhausted.

  9. JellyBean says

    Lehrer should not have been the moderator. He’s old and even looked “doddery.” If you watched the first fifteen mintues you saw the complete debate. They just kept recycling the same information.

  10. Rick says

    “What world do you all live in? Obama was rude to both men and hogged as much time as he could.”

    Exactly. Romney was rude. And Obama was rude, too, just as rude as Romney was. Both tried to hog time and frequently refused to obey the rules or the time limits.

    Being so ridiculously biased undercuts credibility, but that does not seem to be a concern with many of the pieces that appear on this blog.

    Whatever. Nobody is forcing any of us to be here and there is plenty of bias in the other direction on other blogs.

  11. kyle says

    So many of us were disappointed. It has been said in the media with jest that without a teleprompter the POTUS was lost. Andrew Sullivan’s blog has some of the best analyis anywhere. As for as “time” Obama outspoke Romney. The president spoke for 42 minutes and 50 seconds, while GOP candidate Romney only 38 minutes and 32 seconds by CNN’s count. Unfortunately, the POTUS looked down, didn’t have his act together and missed many opporutnies for rebuttals. There will be different types of fourms in debates 2 & 3. A far the debate alone goes, the POTUS was skunked and he looked defeated. This site many of us read daily is liberal and makes no apologies, we then should accept that this had nothing to do with Lehrer. Some moderators often use lead in questioning with a set agenda. This was raw, and it was refreshing – even if our POTUS didn’t make the best performance. Obama is a laywer, so he knows debate or at least he should have learned it in law school. He’s a bit rusty, but hopefully will improve. Romney won the game by two touchdowns. You may not like it, but that’s just the fact.

  12. iowan says

    Gents – have you thought about strategy? Maybe Obama didn’t want to reveal ‘everything’ he has to shoot with in the first debate? Maybe Obama doesn’t wan’t Romney to have 30 days to attempt damage control before the election? Maybe Obama has a plan and it didn’t involve trying to argue with Romney at the first debate. If there were only 1 debate; strategy would be dramatically different. Since there are several, planning over the ‘long term’ is required. Geesh – both men have a team working for them and planning most every thing out. I think Romney may have spent his ammo in the first debate. What is there left for him to talk about? Nothing! He has hit all the big points possible, so he will be only repeating himself… if he has time. Obama will have opportunity to keep Romney unbalanced in future debates and while Romney did well with much coaching for this debate, he doesn’t do well speaking off the cuff. And there we have it; a possible strategy for the entire succession of debates.

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