Will Obama And Romney ‘Go Purple’ To Support LGBT Youth?


This coming Friday is Spirit Day, a day on which people are meant to wear purple to support LGBT people who are bullied. As millions prepare to participate, 17-year old Katy Butler, one of the people instrumental in getting the MPAA to change the rating for the pro-equality flick Bully, is asking that President Obama and Mitt Romney don purple garb to show their commitment to ending bullying.

From her new Change.org petition:

If both of these influential men participate by simply wearing purple it
will show LGBT teens like me that there are powerful people who care
about us. I know what it’s like to feel alone, and seeing two of our
country's political leaders show that they care about our lives could
make a huge difference to. LGBT students, who are 3-5 times more likely
to experience depression and attempt suicide than their counter parts.
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney could take a big step towards ending that
feeling of isolation.

So, what are the odds that the men will heed Butler's call?