1. hugo says

    It’s a very nice visual explanation of the fascination some (not all!!) middle-aged guys have with bikes. The red of his speedo blends nicely into the red of the tank ….

  2. Mark says

    Yes–he looks like he’s been playing in the fireplace! He should have saved some of that 3 quarts of lotion he used on his upper body for his ashy legs and feet!

  3. says

    Let’s just clear something up for you guys who think he’s hot. This is the has-been who was soooo concerned about Haiti that he started a charity — and then charged it $100,000 to perform at a benefit concert.

  4. Darren says

    Looks like someone thinks quite highly of themself.
    Moments like this are ones that these people really need to second guess. “If I take this picture ..a picture of myself in a speedo , oiled up
    With no obvious intentions of even riding this bike how will this image
    Be perceived”….mmmmm..Not good..I better second guess that decision.
    It’s like all the images of Kim Cash-it-in..the images of her in the mirror.
    Do these people not understand these images make you look very self involved..(which they are) but don’t prove it.
    Refrain from proving how self involved you really are.

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