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Towleroad Talking Points: Dolly, Angus and Cats

Angus-t-jones-calls-two-and-a-half-men-filth-mom-worries-he-s-exploited-by-churchBY SAM GREISMAN

A look back at today's top stories


NOM's anti-defamation spokesman Damian Goddard went after Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe this week in an ranting video against the equality activist. Speaking of the NFL, yesterday we reported on a group of tweets from Cleveland Browns' linebacker Tank Carder in which he used the word "faggot" and wasn't sorry about it. Today the Browns tried to make it look like they were taking action. BTW, he still isn't sorry. 

A host on Current TV had an official from the Salvation Army on her show last night and neglected to challenge Major George Hood on a bunch of lies about the organization's anti-gay history. Also Pastor John Hagee warns that gays are destroying America's "purity". Color me surprised. 



Dolly Parton was on Nightline last night and she spent time both denying rumors she is gay and chatting about that time she was in a drag queen contest

In what has to be the most bizarre story of the week, born-again Christian Angus T. Jones (the half from Two and a Half Men) has recorded a video in which he blasted the show for being "ungodly" and urged people not to watch it. In case you were wondering the show is still filming and Jones is still under contract. 

Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 5.48.54 PM



Cats everywhere today! First a strange kitty-related storm has been forecast for South Florida. And then a giant cat head makes an appearance alongside James Franco in a remake of the final scene from Grease set to an R.E.M. track

Also this has to be the most scarring prank of all time. I doubt those people will ever be the same. 



December 1st is World AIDS Day. Ari Waldman on why that day is still so important

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Officials: Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill Not Yet Past Committee

New reports on Ugandan parliamentary activity regarding the "kill the gays" bill  contradict earlier media reports and State Department remarks that the bill had passed a key committee, the Washington Blade reports:

UgandaIn an email to the Washington Blade on Tuesday, an informed source at the U.S. Embassy in Kampala said the bill is still in committee. That contradicts media reports on the bill — which imposes a penalty of life in prison for homosexual acts — that indicated the Legal & Parliamentary Affairs Committee had reported out the bill last week.

Additionally, the embassy source, who asked not to be named, said that the committee can only compile a report on the bill for recommendations to the bill, and can’t make changes to it, such as removing the death penalty provision for “aggravated homosexuality,” which media sources reported has been removed. An earlier version of the bill defined “aggravated homosexuality” as someone with HIV engaging in homosexual acts, having homosexual sex with a minor or the repeated offense of homosexuality.

More at the Blade...

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Adam Lambert Gets Massive New Tattoo


Adam Lambert posted photos of a new astrologically-themed tattoo this afternoon, writing:

"New Ink...It represents my Astrological Birth Chart, along with Pagan, Buddhist, and Greco- Roman Archetypes related to balance and the life cycle....My chart is AQUARIUS Sun, Libra Rising, Aries Moon. All three are represented."

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A New Hobbit Clip That Will Make Your Sword Glow: VIDEO


The first clip of footage (aside from the trailer) of the Hobbit has just been released and features Ian McKellen's Gandalf giving Bilbo a sword, and a few words of advice:

"True courage is not when you take a life, but when you spare one."


The film, which is to be released on December 14, is still in post-production according to director Peter Jackson: “It’s due to be completed literally two days before the premiere. Hopefully."

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As SCOTUS Decision on DOMA and Prop 8 Approaches, AFER Looks at Its 14 Prior Marriage Decisions: VIDEO


As you probably know, this Friday the Supreme Court will conference on the DOMA and Prop 8 cases in front of it, and decide what they'll be taking on. AFER's Matt Baume takes us through the 14 cases in which the Supreme Court has ruled on marriage in a new video.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

In related news, SCOTUS Blog is publishing a four-part series on same-sex marriage and posted the first article today:

At its private Conference on Friday, the Court is scheduled to consider ten separate petitions seeking review of lower court decisions on that issue.  Eight of the petitions deal with the constitutionality of a 1996 federal law, the Defense of Marriage Act, as it applies to gays and lesbians who are already legally married under state law.  One petition deals with a similar state law adopted in 2009 in Arizona for state employees.  And the tenth involves the constitutionality of California’s “Proposition 8,” a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage in that state.  Today’s first article in the series deals with the choice of a constitutional “standard of review” — that is, the test to be used to judge the validity of any of these laws.  Later articles in the series will deal with the legal arguments for and against same-sex marriage, and with the options the Justices have as they consider the ten petitions.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1255

TWILIGHT: More Bad Lip Reading treatment.

PIZZA: A guide to the greatest pizza neighborhood on Earth.

MIKA: "Underwater".

STOP 8711: World citizens speak out against Ukraine's proposed ban on gay 'propaganda'.

For previous Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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