1. Lucas H says

    Is it just me, or does Fox News seem to be getting more and more wing-nutty?

    They’ve always been kinda quacky, but it really does seem like its getting worse as time goes by.

  2. C.J. says

    I played with GI Joe’s when I was little…still was a little gay boy. I also played with my cousin’s Barbies…and I never thought I was a girl. I can’t believe this guy is still using the whole “gender appropriate” arguement as if the toy affects who the child is. The child is going to play with what they want to.

  3. says

    No, the “nuts” here is the doctor. When I was four Christmas came and I got a bunch of boy toys I didn’t want. I have five older brothers and one older sister. My sister, otoh, got all these amazing toys like Barbie and Ken, Little Bake Oven, Sno-Cone Machine. But all she ever wanted were the trucks, baseball gloves, etc – so we traded. When I have five, and Christmas came, my parents – that’s right, both of them, bought me a Ken & Barbie penthouse (which included a balcony with pool that I could fill with actual water), and stuffed animals, games like Shoots and Ladders.

    And look at me. I turned out fine. Now married to a handsome guy and raising our own little boy. I ALWAYS knew I was gay and I ALWAYS wanted a husband and children. That’s got to drive the doctor NUTS!

  4. Francis says

    We all know FOX is the bigot channel but come on. Allowing this homophobic, transphobic a$$hole on air is really crossing the line. Completely out of bounds, and intentionally giving him a question you know he’s going to react negatively towards. Keith Ablow’s presence on FOX is at least to a certain extent about further demonizing and victimizing LGBT citizens. Disgusting.

  5. Caliban says

    iBlow is just another Fox News hack, someone they wheel out to deliver whatever scripted bullsh*t Roger Ailes wants. Oh, did I call him a hack? I take that back. I don’t want hacks to sue me for defamation of character by comparing them to Keith Ablow.

    And FWIW, I had GI Joes too and even the 2-story “Command Headquarters.” Mine may have been one of the few with a “back room” since my Joes’ interrogations tended to get a little… intimate.

  6. UFFDA says

    Just for the record, I never wanted to play with dolls and doll houses, just toy trains that ran over the arms and legs of clay people. But that’s beside the point which is that Dr. Ablow is a quack, straight up.

  7. MaddM@ says

    apparently this quack also wants Joe Biden to be screened for dementia…. yeah, really putting that medical training to good use there. Maybe he’s on this show so frequently because no one in their right mind ould let this guy near a vulnerable patient

  8. jamal49 says

    Lucas H: FOXNews has not just gone “wing-nutty”, they’ve gone completely around the bend and off the rails. Even my staunchly, right-wing sister says FOX has become too ridiculous to watch so she’s only listening to right-wing radio now. If SHE says FOX is too ridiculous to watch, there definitely is a problem in FOXVille!

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    Yes, Ablow is an MD from good schools. OTOH, he resigned from the American Psychiatric Association some years ago, so that he is not bound by their standards.

    My late father was so hyper about “gender appropriate” toys that I was not allowed to have a GI Joe because it was a doll. I ended up gay anyway:)

  10. andrew says

    I would not deliberately give a boy dolls to play with. Most boys like more action and rough and tumble kinds of play. However, I would follow his lead and let him choose the kind of toys he wanted. I think we should follow the childs natural inclinations.

  11. billydee4 says

    When my younger son was 4 he said he wanted a Cabbage Patch doll for Xmas. This was back when they were the must-have Xmas gift. We explained to him that we would try to get one but we weren’t going to great lengths to get it. People were standing outside overnight in Chicago to get the dolls. My wife went to Toys R Us for some other things and she walked over to where to the doll section. The Cabbage Patch dolls were all gone. But, a clerk stopped her and said that a new shipment had just come in. He went and got one for her. My son carried it around for years.
    He also had a teddy bear he named after the then-mayor, Jane Byrne. It was his Jane Byrner Bear. Weird child.

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