Anti-Gay Islamic Party To Protest Elton John’s Malaysia Concert


The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party certainly won’t be honoring World AIDS Day December 1. Quite the opposite: they’ll be dishonoring it by picketing against one of the world’s most generous HIV/AIDS activists, Elton John.

According to the Malaysian party, John promotes “hedonism” and they must “continually remind all Muslims, particularly youths, not to get involved in matters that can drag them into vice.”

In addition to calling on the government to stop the concert, the party is also planning a street protest. RT notes that John performed a sold out show in Malaysia last year.


  1. bobbyjoe says

    I saw Elton John in concert again last year, and John’s concerts are about as hedonistic as a PTA meeting. Being “dragged into vice” by an Elton John concert sounds like warning someone they’ll be “dragged into heroin” if they eat a gummy bear.

    Why can’t this Malaysian Party just admit that they so can’t stop thinking about gay sex every single second of their misbegotten lives that even the thought of an overweight, retirement-aged queen playing soft pop rock on a piano gets their willies confusingly hard. These people are idiots.

  2. UFFDA says

    Elton could be shot or get his head hacked off in a pair of seconds in Maylasia.

    I wouldn’t perform in that country for a million bucks a minute…OK but only for about five minutes.

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