1. TampaZeke says

    Oh My God! That was AMAZING!!!

    Another huge step forward for marriage equality! As Gavin Newsome said, and was pilloried for, “It’s gonna happen and there’s NOTHING you can do about it!”

  2. EchtKultig says

    Do the Commonwealth countries have reciprocal recognition of marriage? If they get married in Canada, doesn’t Australia have to recognize that on some level?
    In any case, Australia will come around. It is rather conservative for a commonwealth country. Although there are large cities there, it’s very rural in character, too. It’s roughly like the population of the NY Metro spread across the entire USA. But “the crazy” doesn’t quite have a grip on it like fundamentalism in the US. Church attendance is much lower.

  3. RJ says

    @JASON… Your statement is not completely true. Parts of Australia permit gay civil unions, specifically in the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and Victoria.

  4. Den says

    You know what ? They are married already. In any sense of what it means to be truely joined to another person in love, it is so obvious to see that these 2 are married.

  5. andrew says

    Did any Aussies see how fast the camera angle changed when they kissed? They had a close up and then the next thing you knew the camera was overhead. It was obvious someone said, “Watch for the kiss and make sure if they do change the angle”.

    Not as bad as when the very popular farmer Dave kissed his boyfriend on his exit; they had a close up for their reunion on stage and then when they kissed the camera was changed twice, very badly I may add and farmer Dave and co. were a speck on the screen.

    Play from around 29:20 seconds.

  6. jesse says

    To those saying that the law will follow social acceptance, I can only hope so, since we already have social acceptance for marriage equality here in australia. 64% of australians want equality according to the most recent Galaxy Poll on the issue (August 2012). Our problem is not that Australians don’t want gay marriage, but that our politicians are far more conservative on the issue than the people they represent.

  7. Icebloo says

    A couple of very brave men. I wish them all the best.

    What a shame Australian politicians are weak, spineless bigots who are too cowardly and self serving to approve gay marriage.

  8. Icebloo says

    Australian Kylie Minogue openly admits she would not have a career without the constant support of gay men but even she has been too scared and selfish to speak out for gay marriage in Australia. She is terrified she would lose album sales in the country if she speaks out even though she already has more money than she could ever spend. Kylie is yet another in a very long line of straight people who SAY they support us, so we make them rich, but they don’t actually DO anything for us.
    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

    As you can see there is a LONG LONG way to go yet in Australia when even the biggest gay icon in the world is not brave enough to speak out for us.

  9. Chuck Mielke says

    We gay folks have been creating our families for many, many years whether blood-kin or through emotional linkage like heterosexual relations. Same-sex marriage is just another step along the road begun when western societies began to move away from arranged marriages toward those based on “romantic love.” Emotional compatibility is as valid as every other “reason” to marry; even procreation remains unaffected by same-sex marriage.

    The joy these guys gave each other, and to the whole audience, is another reason that same-sex marriage is inevitable. People like to share the happiness of others.

  10. Chuck Mielke says


    Kylie Minogue, like most celebrities, is no longer only a person; she’s a corporation. She has publicists, accountants, managers, and other, wider, concerns to address. All of those concerns depend on her income which means, to some extent, they control her options and decisions. While Kylie might be able to personally absorb a minor and transitory reduction in income, it’s possible that she, as a corporation, couldn’t. I’m not saying you’re wrong; I’m saying there’s a greater reality to think about.

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