1. says

    like how conservatives ran with an “Obama insulted our military because we STILL DO use bayonets!” spin of dishonesty.

    it’s what desperate people do when they can’t speak the truth.

    when you can’t tell the truth about yourselves you lie about others.

    it’s just amazing that this self-proclaimed Christian flagrantly breaks the 9th Commandment on a daily basis.

  2. David in NYC says

    Why do you keep posting about this guy? I would never even know he existed if I didn’t come to towleroad. Maybe I’m missing something but he seems like just some irrelevant hick with a mic.

    Cranky old white guy goes around saying terrible things about gays. They’re everywhere and I have a feeling this is the only demographic that is taking him seriously.

  3. Sam says

    You know, there is a saying about respecting our elders, but I’ve never heard anything about respecting our senile elders. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between Brian Fischer and somebody who has been declared brain dead (no offense to brain dead people)

  4. Mike in nyc says

    He is beginning to realize as is the whole crazy
    anti-science, anti-reality right wing GOP universe,
    That time is Not in their side.

    Their Oxygen is being turned off.
    And like all dead-Enders it won’t be a pretty last stand.

    History is racing beyond them.

  5. Bob says

    He is an insane mad man any man who calls for the murder of other human beings based on their sexuality are insane. Saying you are sorry after you say you want to kill people does not count in this case, he knew what he was doing. Hitler knew what he was doing by murdering Jews and homosexuals, but that still make him a mad man.

  6. Joe says

    I remember that show. I was listening in the car and remember my eyebrows going up when he said that, but I know Michaelangelo well enough to know it was a figure of speech (albeit a poor one) and that he didn’t mean it literally. Fischer is even more pathetic for making this statement.

  7. Sean in Dallas says


    Sounds like the man couldn’t pass a standardized English comprehension test. First signs of Alzheimer’s perhaps?

    Is English his first language?

  8. Paul R says

    I also don’t understand the constant coverage of this guy. Are we learning anything new, surprising, or useful? Same with the Vatican and Pat Robertson posts.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    We MUST keep an eye on these guys. The Religious Right is still the base of the Republican party. I have no doubt he believes *everything* he says. I won’t begin to give any more examples of his idiocy except that he believes the election shows Republicans should move more to the right because that’s where the disaffected voters are. OTOH – I do think Andy & company give the Religious Right too much attention, especially in separate posts. I do read Religious Right Watch every day because, as a liberal Christian, I want to keep better track of them. BTW – Just as TR posts from RRW, RRW posts from TR.

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