1. Steve says

    It wasn’t so much their support that made him to that, but the way they went about it. They pretended to be “neutral” and then trotted out all the usual anti-gay talking points. Pure dishonesty and a lack of conviction.

  2. Rick says

    Of course Kluwe is awesome. Moreover, I appreciate that his rage is NOT due to the Pioneer Press taking a stand with which he disagrees. Rather, he is rightfully pissed off that they cowardly editorialized for one side without having the courage to state their position explicitly.

  3. says

    One of our greatest weapons in out struggle is free speech, and the ability for LGBTQ and supportive allies to express their ideas, and perspectives. The down-side of the free speech idea however, is that it allows our opponents to do the same. So often, their rhetoric is full of misinformation at best, and outright lies at the worst. We succeed however, not in taking away or stopping their right to free speech, but rather by countering theirs, and hateful misinformation with truth, reason and language that encourages fairness by promoting valid discourse over fear mongering. To lose his voice from that dialogue is a shame.

  4. alex says

    @Thomas Waters: I get where you’re coming from, but you are basing your argument on a false assumption. In an era of instant communication, newspapers are no longer a source of “dialogue”.

  5. MikeBoston says

    I have always believed that actions are the measure and words are cheap. This guy has backed up his words with actions everytime – often at some personal expense. A real class act.

  6. Caliban says

    @KevinVT, You’re right. I’d never bothered to think about it much (though I think I’ve always called editorials by the correct name, but here is the definition of “Op-Ed” from Wiki:

    An op-ed, abbreviated from opposite the editorial page (though often mistaken for opinion-editorial), is a newspaper article that expresses the opinions of a named writer who is usually unaffiliated with the newspaper’s editorial board. These are different from editorials, which are usually unsigned and written by editorial board members.

  7. PostPonyPhase says

    Fantasy of Chris Kluwe #1: heteros have grown out of their incessantly artificial right-wing fed obsession of speaking about us LGBT’s like we’re not listening and/or being affected by the conversation.

    The split was covered and remedied by one straight guy who brought simple logic and a little f*cking bit of principle all of the straight people thought they had covered.

    Am I still the silent f#!*^t observer being talked about as a subhuman? Not on dude’s watch. A real man with an ethical heart being wielded properly is worthy like a populist-diddler preacher will never, *ahem* CAN never know.

    The truth of a man being a simple thing ruled by passions, even made witless by them, like ya know, “those homos” is only true if you’re above the love. Too bad for the haters love is eveything from bravely platonic to same gender life-long commitments. Plus, the haters can’t have any.

    These reactionaries have had every chance to tell American men what we are and aren’t (or, more importantly to them), could never be. They’ve f*cked it all up, they’ve NEVER done a good job. Away with this nonsense, people here in the USA are better than them, you just won’t know listening to our s**t media.

  8. J.P. McPickleshitter says

    @Thomas Waters – “To lose his voice from that dialogue is a shame.”

    Huh? We haven’t “lost his voice”… he’s simply not going to allow the Pioneer Press to be the ones to disseminate it.

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