1. Stefan says

    I’m with BenR. Congratulations to Towleroad and the makers of these signs (and posters like you, Andrew Caldwell) for basically indulging in a gay slur by associating a negative action (supporting Romney) with engaging in a specific gay sexual practice. Keep it classy, guys.

  2. says

    BenR – because to gay republicans it *is*

    remember, these are the defensively-insecure reluctant homosexuals who base their entire identity on “not being like those other gays”

    the ones who fight for equality, stand up for what is right, and don’t tend to worry about what other idiots think about their sexlives.

    GOProud’s Homocon once ran with the slogan “Our gays are more butch than their straights”.

    see what i mean?

    they’re terrified of people thinking that they’re sexually-active. and if you wanna get into the misogyny of it – of bottoming. because they’re ‘real men’ – in their minds.

    everyone else knows them to be the eunuchs they are.

    but a friend said this was about “bottom-shaming”
    someone tried to bottom-shame me once, but i didn’t take much notice as i was too busy enjoying bottoming. 😉

    the hilariously apt poster says “closeted-powerbottoms”.

    because to these guys, it *is* an insult.

  3. RyanInWyo says

    To BenR and Stefan: The power-bottoms I’ve (happily) known have been made of tougher stuff that either of you two seem to be. It’s ironic and odd for a couple of (presumed) power-bottoms to get butthurt so easily! Did you not notice that “closeted” and “masochistic” precede the term power-bottom? These are important modifiers that you both seemed to skip on your way to righteous indignation.

  4. says

    amen, RYAN!

    that’s exactly it. you can’t bottom-shame someone who has no shame about it.

    this poster is utterly bang-on correct. gay republicans are terrified of being seen as sexual beings, and concepts of emasculation, hence their constant denigration of anything that a complete bigot would deem “Stereotypical” .

  5. Kay says

    I did laugh…But as a heterosexual female, I am quite curious about the seeming disdain that some gay men have for the people they have sex with…Why are “bottoms” seemingly looked down on by some gay men? And why is calling someone a “bottom” considered an insult? It truly must be the height of self-loathing…It’s like the way some black people with lighter skin, insult those with darker skin…It happens when you’ve been completely warped by the powers that be…JMHO

  6. John says

    You guys are really jumping through hoops to explain why this isn’t just another example of our community’s sexism and misogyny. @Kay, using bottom as an insult derives from traditional chauvinism. Men don’t want to be accused of being feminine. Instead of challenging existing power structures, too many gay men just recreate them within our community and call that progress.

    @Littlekiwi, your argument is like saying it’s okay to say faggot as long as its directed at someone who will take offense to it.

  7. says

    not really, “John”, but then again, i’m a self-identifying Queer man as well as a gay man, and i hear all the time insecure gay men sayign “don’t say queer! it’s an insult!”

    uh, how sugar? because someone called you queer once, as an insult, and you never got over it?

    you miss the point, which i’ve come to expect from a lot of Anonymous Commenters.

    Gay Republicans are terrified of concepts of emasculation. They’re terrified of reminding their families and political communities that they’re sexually-active males.

    gay liberals tend to not live that way, as our balls have dropped and we no longer worry about ‘How Idiots Perceive Us’.

    yes. they are closeted-powerbottoms. because they’re terrified of their Right-Wing family and affiliates thinking that they’re like “those gay liberals who fight for equality and enjoy bottoming”

    sorry, sugarpie. them’s the nuances. 😉

    so, understand that “John”

    Oh, and here’s a video of a GOProud member proving me right –

    see? he hates “stereotypical gay people” and doesn’t realize that…uh…well, check it out 😉

  8. John says

    I presume then that you don’t believe that this poster is targeted at all gay Republicans? If “closeted” is such an important modifier, then surely this poster wasn’t designed to mock the Log Cabin Republicans and members of GOProud, since they are out. You can pretend that this poster wasn’t using sexist rhetoric to mock gay Republicans, but by parsing it apart in the way you do, the poster loses its meaning.

    Yes, gay Republicans deserve to be called out. But the ends don’t justify the means. You can berate gag Republicans without celebrating the worst of gay culture. See that video that was posted yesterday for a good example.

    I’m with you on identifying as queer. And personally I have no issue with the word faggot. But my personal acceptance of the word doesn’t justify it’s use as an insult to others.

    And you again use the language of masculinity to belittle others in that last rant. By saying that gay liberals’ balls have dropped, you imply that that “real men” don’t get offended.

    You use language that only serves to reify male heirarchy. That pretty much makes you not as liberal as you seem to think. You may have liberal views on LGBT issues, but you don’t appear to value true liberalism. You just engage in NRA-style politics.

    If you were truly liberal or progressive, you would understand how your language maintains structures of inequality.

  9. says

    No, i’m not implying anything. I’m pretty darn clear, actually, that I believe gay republicans to be testicle-deprived wimps.

    does that mean they’re women? no. it means they’re boys. BOYS.

    “closeted-powerbottoms” is an apt description of gay republicans. they neuter themselves as gay males in an effort to be tolerated by anti-gay conservatives.

    they live each day to distance themselves from “those other gays”

    LCR and GOProud are Out? Yeah, as resentful and reluctant homosexuals who are terrified of how Others See Them.

    they’re not “closeted-homosexuals”, they’re “closeted-powerbottoms”

    and like i pointed out, like you’re probably choosing to ignore, their last Homocon had the “our gays are more butch than their straights” slogan.

    because they’re obsessed with how they fear others see them.

    hence, “closeted-powerbottoms” – it’s perfectly fitting. Out, Proud, Confident gay men don’t live in fear of what others think about their sex lives. nor do they vote republican. you can be “out” (or OUTED) and still be a cowardly wimp. as evidenced by every single mouth-breather who makes up GOProud.

    do you need me to simplify further? i can try.

  10. John says

    @littlekiwi, I didn’t see the slogan before. If it was in one of those YouTube videos, I didn’t watch them. I didn’t intentionally ignore it. And I don’t disagree with you about gay Republicans. They set out to create a good gay/bad gay dichotomy, in the same way racial identities have been divided into good/bad. I think that’s wrong and detrimental to the movement as a whole. I think you and I agree on a lot more than we disagree.

    But if you think fear about what others think is a uniquely Republican thing, you are kidding yourself. Take a tour of any gay neighborhood, gay bar, gay dating site, gay anything, and you’ll see that fear of being labeled femme played out. Played out by closeted men who hopes no one recognizes them and by many men who are at the polls voting for Obama today.

    The misogyny and sexism of gay men is real and it doesn’t just play out in one political affiliation. Frankly, it has nothing to do with politics because no one is willing to examine their own communities critically. The problem is always someone else.

  11. John says

    I’m not sure why you think I’m a troll. Someone isn’t a troll just because they disagree with you.

    And I don’t care who you post as because I’m not engaged in any sort of ad hominem attacks. I take issue with the content of the post, not the name attached at the bottom.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “Little Kiwi is Markus?”

    No. But I’m not sure Markus should have a whole discussion centered around him just because he’s the inspiration for a campaign sign.

  13. says

    i don’t disagree with that, necessarily, “John”

    i think insecure femme-phobia is indeed a crippling fear for way too many gay men.

    but this poster is spot-on. as it utterly encapsulates the apologist way of life for gay republicans.

    yes. there are indeed gay men going to the polls today, who will vote for Obama, who still don’t want people to think that they’re ‘femmes’

    but i support this poster the same way i agreed with Dan Savage calling GOProud the “house-f@ggots” – it’s throwing their own insecurities back at them.

    but hey, at least we’re not the ones calling them the “American Taliban”, eh? 😉

  14. jason says

    This is a very tacky, immature poster. You have to wonder about the mentality of the people who put it up. It simply encourages the notion that our community should be based on a sex act. To whoever put it up, can I just say this: get a life.

  15. says

    it’s very simple, folks, “masochistic closeted powerbottoms for romney”

    put it all together. they like pain. they’re afraid of what others think about their sex life. they’re voting against themselves.

    this shouldn’t require explanation.

  16. jason says

    There is no glory in being a power bottom. Engaging in a fetishistic sex act with a part of your anatomy designed solely for excretion is not powerful nor is it empowering. It proves, simply, that you’re into sh!t.

  17. Queer Republican says

    Sorry LittleKiwi not a racist here. My preferred tops are usually men of color. Why is it that liberals always need to project hate onto any one who doesn’t agree with them???

  18. says

    Jason, thank you for coming on here with that comment to prove to everyone that not only do you have an unhealthy colon and digestive system, but you aren’t capable of decent adult hygiene.


    that’s about as awesome as when Rick told everyone that he can’t make a man cum from giving oral.

  19. says

    so sorry for my incorrect assumption, Queer Republican.

    i look forward to you putting up a youtube video of yourself explaining why you, as a proud queer, are voting for Mitt Romney.

    it will most definitely be enlightening. record it. put it on youtube. provide the URL here so we can all learn something.


    i can’t see why you wouldn’t, after all. i mean, you’re totally Out and proud, right?

    so let’s see it :)

  20. Queer Republican says

    Sorry Kiwi but not you won’t see me on youtube anytime soon. As to why I voted for Romney…simple…..I am not a one issue voter. Yes I am an out and proud gay man who believes that everyone deserves the same equal right regardless of sexual orientation. I also believe in the right of every American to own guns if he or she so chooses. I believe in a strong national defense. As a veteran I support our troops and was in favor of both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe that a large part of the solution to our economy is cutting the bloated and wasteful government spending. I could go on if u like.

  21. says

    why “go on” if you refuse to stand up to be counted?

    I’m calling your bluff, wimp.

    😀 so let’s see (SEE) you actually prove me wrong.

    so far, none of you cowardly boys ever has. and i know why 😉

    let’s see your Out and Proud message. youtube. URL. after all, you’re not a coward, right? 😉

  22. BETTY says

    Further proof that Jason/Rick is not actually gay, but likes to come on here and insult gay people (and women, minorities, etc) in his diatribes. So now he is against bottoms too? Good grief.

  23. ty says

    Jason, do you realize that straight women can be power bottoms too? And not in the va jay jay either!!!! It’s not fetish, it’s getting off, you should try it!!

  24. tweedle says

    Most tops that I have known are also bottoms. Tops who disparage bottoms or bottoming are nearly always uptight closet bottoms who want it so bad it hurts. And its your job to givi it to them…til it hurts.

  25. BETTY says

    But TY don’t you know when a man and woman do it that way it is wholesome and good? When two men do it, it makes the baby Jesus cry and threatens heterosexuality!

  26. jason says

    Homosexuality is not defined as anal sex. Anyone who suggests so is either misguided or trying to reduce the complexity of the male homosexual relationship to a act of insertion.

  27. jason says


    Yawn – nobody cares about your opinion. Perhaps you mistook poo for caviar at your last meal time. Let me give you some advice: poo is not for eating.

    As for those who reduce male homosexuality to anal sex, it’s usually fake gay guys with a fetish for something in their posteriors. They wouldn’t know gay rights if it got up out of a chair and hit them in the face.

    Alternatively, it’s disgruntled females who wish to trivialize the complexity of male-male attraction because of their penis envy or other condition.

  28. Stefan says

    John–Thank you for bringing some sensibility in the face of what I can only characterize as desperate parsing by LittleKiwi. The modifiers by themselves are enough. The poster mocks a group of gay men for being power bottoms, and it doesn’t matter whether that group presumably identifies as power tops or versatile or something else. It’s a slam against power bottoms, pun intended.

    Kiwi–Let’s try to make a similar poster for African Americans who support Romney. If it said something like “Masochistic White Acting Black People for Romney” then that would be enough to make the point. But if it also said “Masochistic White Acting Hair-Straightening Black People” then it’s taking a certain behavior and elevating it to being itself a negative quality for a black person to have. The “power bottoms” line in that poster is the same. It is unnecessary, and it is mean spirited. If you can’t see that, you’re blind. I don’t care if you’re queer and gay and any number of other things–you don’t get away with junk arguing just for wearing those badges.

    RyaninWyo–I didn’t say whether I was a power bottom. What John and I are emphasizing is the rampant problem in the gay community of shaming any activity seen as feminine (such as bottoming).

  29. John says


    I’m right there with you on voting for the Green Party. The Green Party embodies the equality that we deserve and that the Constitution REQUIRES and advocates for the economic and social reforms that would restore the true greatness of the United States of America.

    Fortunately for us, we live in states where we can vote our conscience and support the Green Party.

    Despite my vote for the Green Party, I’m extraordinarily pleased that Obama has been reelected as President of the United States of America.

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