Concerns Remain Amid Anti-LGBT Violence In DC

DCProtestWashington DC’s police department recorded 51 anti-LGBT attacks between the beginning of the year and October, down just two from 2011. That includes the three separate attacks in Columbia Heights last March.

The consistency in these numbers highlights what some critics say are inefficiencies in the department’s gay and lesbian liaison unit and tensions between activists and the police themselves.

From the New York Times:

…Some leaders in the city’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population have been vocal about their frustration with Chief Cathy L. Lanier, saying that changes she brought to a police unit known as the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit have hindered the city’s response.

At times, the frustration has been mutual. Chief Lanier says the department has been doing everything in its power to stem the violence, going so far as to seek an outside review of the department’s procedures that have been the subject of criticism. The results of that review are expected late this year or in early 2013.

“We feel like everything that we can do, we’re doing, and yet we get these complaints back from some of the advocates,” she said.

One of the most controversial of Lanier’s changes was the redistribution of about 100 LGBT liaisons throughout the city, rather than concentrating them in more gay-concentrated areas.

“The events of 2011, the intense violence, really showed that the
restructuring had failed to create any kind of meaningful reaction and
response,” DC Trans Coalition volunteer Jason A. Terry told the paper.


  1. Icebloo says

    Once again we have evidence here that Police and Government do not give a f*ck about gay people until they need our votes at election times !

  2. Francis says

    I think that DC police does care—–about wealthy gays. They don’t care about non-wealthy LGBT people/non gender-conforming straights/inner-city homophobia/inner-city crime in general. They ignore it, when they do attempt to handle the issues they have proven to be incompetent, and basically hope and pray nothing continues happening there, although hate crimes happen there on a weekly basis. Columbia Heights has hate crime after hate crime and little is done, often the attackers aren’t caught, and then we hear of another hate crime all over again.

    It’s funny, too, because it’s not all of DC that’s like this. It’s the areas where gentrification is taking/has taken place where hate crimes and crime in general is a severe issue, as well of course as the inner-city areas. I know for a fact a lot of residents in these gentrified areas have A LOT of bitterness towards those they feel are encroaching on their territory.

    DC has a lot of problems. Hopefully the city gets it’s act together because there are a lot of beautiful aspects to it.

  3. VINCE says

    Dupont Circle was my home for nearly twenty years. While I wouldn’t trade my experiences there for anything, I found the city to be excessively violent, but not just directed at the lgbt community. After moving away, the need to not continually look over my shoulder took time to adjust to.

  4. Jerry says

    We all know that the anti-gay Christians and their hate groups are behind the increase violence around the world. The Catholic church has spent millions of dollars flaming the fires of hate and want to do more to cause harm to even more LGBT people around the world. The Mormons and Evangelicals are also working for Satan to turn people against LGBT people and make more trouble. These anti-gay Christians are the new Hitlers of the world and oppressors of LGBT people by stirring up other Christians to help them attack and destroy LGBT people. A sign that Satan has taken over these anti-gay Christians and is this continues they will be the ones who bring on the end of times by the death and destruction they are making using people like the blacks and Hispanics who NOM or the National Organization for Marriage do to make trouble and break the laws. See the SPLC or Southern Poverty Law Center for information on these anti-gay Christian hate groups who are the new Hitlers who want to kill gays.

  5. ratbastard says

    Yeah, lets concentrate on the 800 lb gorilla most ‘progressive’ activists hate discussing: D.C.’s OBSCENELY high violent crime rate, the fact it’s been this way since the late 60-early 70s, and the reasons for it. Easier to blame the cops, rather than blame the people who’re committing the violence. Fits the ‘progressive’ narrative and talking points to shift attention and blame towards law enforcement, homophobic city government, etc.,

    D.C., the capital city of the world’s main superpower and most influential nation state on Earth, is a warzone, has been for at least 40 years. Baltimore, up the road a bit, is likewise a warzone for the same reasons, as is Richmond,VA just south of the capital. I often meet people from places like D.C. and Baltimore who are visiting Boston [a similar sized city and metro area] and have to tell them to relax, that Boston isn’t nearly as bad as DC or Baltimore, but I can still see them act edgy and paranoid. Sad.

  6. daws says

    It boggles my mind how that area can have such a high crime rate (not just LGBT violence) considering all the high ranking people that frequent it (and live there). You think of all places, it would have the most advanced and stringent officers and surveillance keeping crime down.

  7. MaddM@ says


    it’s basically because all the “important” people get protection at a personal level instead of at the community (or lack thereof) level. It’s like that in parts of Romania where you essentially provide your own protection because the government isn’t doing it.

    This kind of situation is the real goal of a lot of hardcore right wingers… A law and order take on “I got mine, screw you”

  8. ratbastard says


    Law enforcement from police to prosecutors are stymied to an extent by the fact if they act aggressively to combat violent crime, they’re accused of racism. These charges are often endorsed and backed up by the local DC politicians, which means a lot since DC has at least a 59% black population, I believe still has a majority minority population. Most violent crime in D and the surrounding area is committed by young minority males. Almost all the homicides are [at one point D was averaging 500 murders a year in the late 80s-early 90s, at the same time Boston, a similar sized city, peaked at around 160] are committed by young minority youth. I know, I know…this is flipping some people out. But sadly, it’s the truth. D now has a serious violent crime problem involving ‘Hispanic’ [mostly central American] gangs, especially Salvadoran, which only started over the past 10 years or so. But these serious problems are very difficult to discuss openly, especially with ‘progressives’. Doesn’t fit the narrative and talking points.

  9. FancyPants says

    DC is a war zone? Are you nuts or just an idiot? It’s no such thing and frankly it’s a lot nicer to walk around in than Manhattan. Smells a hell of a lot better too.

    It’s funny people are arguing that they are redistributing efforts throughout the city and not in the “gay” areas, yet the most notorious anti-gay crimes in recent months were in Columbia Heights, hardly a gay mecca any more than any other part of the city.

    There are lots of things I dislike about DC, but calling it a war zone is ludicrous. It’s nothing like it was even from ten years ago when I moved here.

  10. FancyPants says

    Also, RatBastard, check your facts before you spout nonsense. DC’s violent and property crime rates have diminished by 50% in the last 15 years. Murder rates in DC NEVER averaged 500 per year. It peaked at 479 in 1991 and hasn’t been near that since. In fact, 2011 was the LOWEST murder rate in DC in 50 years.

    In sum, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  11. ratbastard says


    Peaked at 479? And what did I write? Averaging 500 in the late 80s-early 90s. Yes, I should have said ‘around’ 500, but 500 is VERY close to 479. But I got the date correct. And the fact Boston, a similar sized city, peaked at ‘around’ 160-170 in this same time period. HUGE DIFFERENCE. And DC’s violent crime and homicide rate are still quite high compared to some other similar sized cities, in fact it’s still considered one of the most dangerous cities in the country, along with Baltimore. If you’re seriously telling me DC and Baltimore don’t have a very serious violent crime problem, and a growing violent ganag problem, you’re delusional.

    Has over-all murder numbers decreased since the the early mid 90s? Yes. This can partially be explained by better trauma treatment resulting in fewer deaths, and a wider and more metro/regional dispersal of crime and ‘ghetto’ life [think Prince George’s County, for example] away from DC [and other big cities] into the surrounding metro area. This is due to gentrification and the resultant high cost of living. This has also occurred where in Boston I live, the ‘ghetto[s]’ have shifted away from the city into numerous suburban towns and nearby cities, even some cities as far as 40-50 miles away. And these places are now seeing an explosion in crime, while it’s relatively stabilized in the city.As in DC, this is also due to high housing costs and cost of living in Boston and a few immediately surrounding and desirable cities and towns.

  12. ratbastard says

    Black people killed my dad by raping him with their big penises and then his ass perforated. But I hear he enjoyed it.

  13. Donald says

    You should also take into account that this year there will be less than 100 murders in DC…less than 100. That’s amazing. Baltimore, 40 miles away, just hit 200 for the year. DC is safe overall. These numbers of GLBT attacks are because the gays are the people that are moving into unsafe neighborhoods first. If it were the young moms with double strollers pioneering in the ghettos then they would be screaming that not enough is being done to keep them safe.

  14. Fancypants says

    Ratbastard – you’re still wrong, though. The statistics show not just that homicide rates are at the lowest in the last 60 years in DC, but that violent crime generally is also at its lowest. That would encompass people who are shot and due to advanced trauma treatment, survive. You’re just…wrong. This year, DC’s murder rates look a lot more like Boston’s, which considering that DC has far fewer students living inside the city and far more poor people, that is a pretty good number for DC. I don’t know who is considering it one of the most dangerous cities in the country, but they need to check their statistics. It’s become safer every year.

    And you’re certainly right, gentrification undoubtedly has a lot to do with that. But your point that crime is being pushed into the suburbs (specifically PG County) only further weakens your arguments about the city.

    The reality is, most of the crime committed against LGBT residents of the city is happening throughout the city and not in just the “gay areas” for the very reason Donald pointed to. The gays are willing to move into crappy neighborhoods first. Oh, and it’s happening to straights as well. But not nearly in the numbers the city has seen in prior years.