1. Steve Chapman says

    Paul, you are definitely welcome to your opinion but I would disagree. Dan and his husband Terry have shown the gay community what it is like to fight and be vocal. Too many of us have allowed the Tony Perkins in our lives to make us milquetoast. With their example of fatherhood and advocacy, I think “our” community is stronger.

  2. RyanInWyo says

    Paul: Assuming you’re one of those “real men,” please tell us what YOU have done for the gay community. Explain to us how you and your actions are superior to Dan Savage and his actions.

  3. UFFDA says

    Keep it cool Dan, as you pretty much have. You’ve come across well except for that last part (which was bizarre) when you say “I don’t know what to say”. You DO know what to say so just say it. Remember Perkins is empowered by his “nice daddy” all American yet understated righteousness, his Christian “decency.” That can only be beat by an identical but more persuasive calm and decency.

    We have won our very recent victories by being portrayed as regular nice folk with enduring partnerships and marriages, often with kids, and that’s what wins hearts. It’s also the truest thing about us, that we’re like everyone else. Your delivery here was the best I’ve seen of you, thank you, just keep it level, direct and your case (ours) can only win more hearts. Thanks again.

  4. Sam Armstrong says

    Speak for yourself, Paul. You don’t make any argument other than calling him a bully and a low life. He’s brave enough to speak the truth on a national scale. What are you doing?

  5. Disgusted American says

    Dan Can Represent this 52yr old gay man who has been out since 1980 – ANYTIME!!!!!!! Go Dan!

  6. Rick says

    God Bless Dan Savage for having the balls to stand up and tell the truth, so now I will say that Tony Perkins has murdered countless LGBT children, so now take me to court Tony. In fact we all need to take a stand against people like this who kill children by standing up and calling them out as the reason LGBT children kill them selves, say Tony Perkins or Brian Brown of who ever is responsible for the deaths of gay children, tell the world that these people are killers of children, which they are. The truth will kill them.

  7. anon says

    Well, if he gets sued then he will be facing him in court. No doubt about that, unless they settle. Defamation will be tricky to prove, but expensive to defend.

  8. JimmyD says

    Go Dan!
    Paul? Go… away… unless you have something productive to contribute. What have YOU done? Come on… put your money where your mouth is.

  9. says

    remember, people who call Savage an attention-whore and similar terms are really just being miserable that they, themselves, don’t have the balls to stand up and raise their voices.

    you want better representation? stop being anonymous.

    take advantage of the digital age. turn your webcam on, hit record, post it online. representing what you feel should be represented.

    you can’t be angry at men like Savage when you yourself give excuses to continue being an “anonymous presence”

    rock ON, Savage.

  10. MikeMick says

    What’s the matter Paul, don’t recognize a gay man who stands up and fights? Get used to it.

  11. jomicur says

    Keep fighting, Dan. And please, please, please, Baby Jesus, let Perkins sue. The thought of that vicious, lying closet case on a witness stand has me salivating.

  12. Sean in Dallas says

    Go get him, Dan!

    BTW, as an actual red-headed (and left-handed, too!) stepchild, I for one wouldn’t mind it if that lovely saying went out with “that’s so gay.” That’s all.

  13. mike/ says

    @Paul – have you ever been bullied? you get a different perspective once you are.

    i was – twice! the first time i felt like i was worthless & less human.

    the second time i said, “No way!” to myself & i stood up to them. what i learned was that bullies are sad & scared little boys. that’s a miserable way to live your life with so much to learn and so much hope to look forward to.

    Dan is doing just that, as are a lot of others now – standing up to the fear & the sadness…

  14. Alexx says


    Gone are the days where gays had to be silent and turn the other cheek as we are blatantly discriminated against abused, and sometimes even killed.

    That time has passed, and any person that thinks that acting like some disneyfied eunuch will earn them equal rights and respect/consideration is just a self-rationalizing masochist.

    The world needs anger. Evil persists because some people just aren’t angry enough.

    Violence is not the answer, obviously, but silence is just consent to how they treat us.

  15. Mary says

    Uffda, that post was beautiful. I think if you were face the LGBT community presented to the straight world, progress would occur even more quickly than it’s occurring now.

    BTW, are you still gloating (and floating) on that cloud from Tuesday’s election results?

  16. Bill says

    I can just imagine those two in court (and I hope Dan thinks this is funny even if Tony doesn’t):

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    Brian Brown set the standard by his debate with Savage. OK, Perkins, set up to the plate.

  18. Bernie says

    I too may not always agree with Dan, but he has the guts and spine to take on these wingnuts who will spout anything to get attention. Let’s see what happens when they have to speak under oath and under the microscope of a courtroom. I look forward to this.

  19. noteasilyoffended says

    Dan Savage is not a bully. I KNOW bullies. I’m glad someone with a bigger pulpit than I is calling out the assholes who think that those in our community are less than and immoral. This is how change happens. People stand up. Demand accountability. Demand honesty. Bigots beware. We are coming after your curtain. (oops-irony)

  20. UFFDA says

    MARY – gloating is like a cucumber sandwitch, not much nutrition really. Besides we’ve got too many scary things to now face: $ particularly. Thanks for your input/support.