Elizabeth Warren Wins U.S. Senate Race in Massachusetts


Elizabeth Warren is the projected winner of the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, defeating Republican Scott Brown.

Boston Herald:

“Over the past year, we built something amazing together,” Warren said in an e-mail to supporters moments after polls closed. “We showed the world that we had heart, that we had guts, and that we were willing to get in the ring and fight for a principle — that together we will build a future of growing opportunities for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

The epic battle for the seat drew record campaign contributions from across the country and ended with a mammoth get-out-the-vote effort and hours-long waits at polls across the state.


  1. Tom Cardellino says

    As my Mom, who was our neighborhood’s campaign organizer in suburban Philadelphia for JFK might say: “Jesus, Mary & Joseph, thank God, thank God, thank God!”

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  3. Byron St. James says

    This one is especially sweet. She will surely be a thorn in the side of the repugs come next year.

  4. SFRowGuy says

    Elizabeth beat hot piece Scott? WTF! … oh wait, that’s a good thing. congrats Elizabeth. (well someone was bound to say it…)