1. Mike says


    Gamen! (The gay version of amen, lol)

    We owe Ellen so much. She has knocked down so many barriers throughout the years I have lost count. I love her too!!!

    And, her wife is hot! Talk about an upgrade from looney toons Anne Heche.

  2. snowisfuns says

    Ellen DeGeneres farts and shits are degenerate. Ellen DeGeneres sides with bully Econ high school teacher in Howell Michigan who got in trouble after he suspended 14 year old boy who said he saw something wrong with homo/lesbian sexual conduct which bully Econ teacher didn’t like but Ellen DeGeneres sided with coward Econ teacher.

    Ellen DeGeneres saw nothing wrong with Harvey B. Milk doing homosexual statutory rape on 16 year old boy in 1964 and Ellen DeGeneres saw nothing wrong with Oxnard high homo Lawrence Fobes King masturbating in front of others in 2008 before he was killed in class. Ellen DeGeneres does smelly farts & turds.

  3. JASON says

    Ellen is awesome! She took chances during her sitcom no one else of her ilk was willing to take. Pretty big deal. She isn’t perfect but she certainly is wonderful.

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