1. stranded says

    I’m kind of sad to see it end so soon. I did think the show had potential, and there were genuinely heartfelt as well as funny moments. My only complaint is that the characters sometimes felt like extensions of the writer (Goldman)… they all sounded like him! You can particularly notice this in Episode 5. He needs to learn to listen to others and try to express points of view as people from different backgrounds would

    For the record I did like the show, and I think Goldman has a bright future ahead of him. Hopefully it’s not the end for The Outs beyond the Chanukah special. Good luck to him and his cast and crew.

  2. stranded says

    Extraordinary on every level. The acting is such a pleasure to watch. Very knowing understanding of each of the characters. Thanks to all who brought it to us. I hope for you much success.

  3. says

    I must be crazy because I think this whole series of videos stinks to high heaven. The acting is horrible. The plot line just as bad. Yet I read others here who proclaim it to be fabulous! Lovely! Extradorinary!

    Seriously guys? Are any of you over 18?

  4. Pete N SFO says

    From Out 1 to Out 6, these guys have really grown their talent, all around.

    For the record, I do appreciate more skin than we got in 6, but still a huge fan. :)

  5. Blake says

    I will miss this show, but I look forward to what comes next from all those involved in The Outs.

    I hope to see a lot more of Hunter Canning and Tommy Heleringer in the future, whether it is in more of Adam Goldman’s work or in other projects.

  6. Jordan says

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Queer as Folk and The L Word must of had an “acceptable” number of viewers, considering they lasted five and six seasons respectably and during the Bush era no less.

  7. JimmyD says

    I really loved the show. Independently financed? Fantastic! Can’t wait for more.

    To the spammers who hated the whole series… why did you watch the whole series? The run was consistent. If you didn’t like it by the third or fourth, who’s the fool for wasting any more time on it? I guess someone had to take the time to watch something they hated, then spend more time reading an article about it, then spent more time posting snarky comments about it. Oh yeah… it’s the internet. Can’t wait to read your comments regarding your continued hate for any forthcoming episodes you spend time watching.

  8. Pinky says


    This has got to be one of the worst acted badly written gay themed, whatever you want to call this, I’ve ever seen.

    My conclusion is that the previous commenters are either friends of the participants or have had very little exposure to the arts…..or reality.

    Perhaps it is just the inexperience of youth…

    I really tried

  9. Danny T says

    Excellent shows, I have patiently waited for and enjoyed every single episode. Congrats to all involved with this series. I have said this before in the comments — that it is the tempo, character developments and realness of the OUTS that I enjoy most. Good work, Adam. I would love to see more of the OUTS, but look forward to whatever your next endeavor might be.

  10. says

    @Pinky, I wouldn’t say it is the worst. The acting was not bad, I have seen lots of experimental and independent work so, in many cases, it ranked better than a lot of the stuff out there. I guess I couldn’t get into the story. I really tried liking this show too, given what people were saying about it. I found I was not really caring about any of the characters. I watched everything up until about episode 4 and wasn’t interested in going further. Can’t quite put my finger on it what it is… maybe I’ll have another look.

  11. says

    kudos to them for putting their own show together, and getting off their butts to actually create something, rather than do what Miserable Anonymous Trolls do, which is anonymously complain that others aren’t creating what you (claim) you’d create if you had the ability to create something.


  12. Fenrox says

    I run into these guys filming all the time, it’s literally outside my door sometimes. I have awkwardly and embarrassingly swooned and gushed over Adam and Hunter. It is so awesome to see that Adam will continue to make shows because I definitely said several times “PLEASE DON’T STOP MAKING SHOWS.” Every time I see them now I feel like a mix between a cheerleader and stalker, and that is probably 100% true.

  13. kdknyc says

    This was a really sweet ending to a very pleasurable series. To those who don’t like it, well, yes–it isn’t Tolstoy. But for something independently written, financed, and produced, it’s exceptionally well-done.

    I say to those who hated it–show those of us who have questionable taste, just what high art should be. Go out, finance, write, and produce the kind of thing you think isn’t garbage. Show us what you’ve got, if you have the courage.

    But you don’t. It’s easier to take potshots at people who are doing something creative and showing it to the world, than to actually be creative and be brave enough to put your work out there. Deep down you’d be too wounded by the negative comments.

  14. Zoltan says

    To comment on the whole series in general;

    I think there was great character study potential. Some of it succeeds, and others fail miserably. It’s difficult keeping track of the characters because they are mostly the same – jaded, cynical, self-centred, bitchy has-beens. Real, and rare moments of romance are painfully under-developed.

    Coming from a technical viewpoint, a lot of the photography is point-and-shoot ugly, and technical errors (lighting, focus-pulls) are jarring distractions, especially when the performances would otherwise be quite charming.

    Bottom line; if the series were given a proper crew and budget, it would reach far higher levels.I look forward to that day. Keep at it Mr Goldman.

  15. says

    I don’t like the “we’re all soooo over smoking pot” bit. They portray pot smokers, and especially dealers, as immature, unsophisticated, and (above all) passe. Well that’s great they’re all ‘too cool’ for pot, but maybe they should stop getting so effing drunk and screwing up their lives. That kind of holier-than-thou, judgy attitude is a transparent attempt assuage their own insecurities — and while that *is* a realistic portrayal of some ‘hip’ social scenes in NYC, maybe they shouldn’t be propagating such ignorant attitudes if they want to be seen as such keen social observers and trendsetters. They should be criticizing stop-and-frisk, not people who have a dime-bag on them.

    Sick of it.

    Other than that, I hope they get picked up for a series or something. I really care about the characters.

  16. David says

    I really enjoyed the series overall. All the silly fighting got kind of old in the last couple episodes though. Una was a jerk the whole time so I don’t know why Mitchell all the sudden decided to be bothered by it in the last episode. And Mitchell and Jack were having a cute moment and getting along really well in one episode when they were waking up and then Mitchell gets all pissed off because Jack didn’t seem super excited to go to Una’s house. Well I wouldn’t want to go to her house either. She is a pain.

  17. Krrosand says

    A genuinely refreshing show that I for one hope to see more of.

    I liked that unlike so many gay themed movies and the web series Hunting Season, this show wasn’t all about how much skin they could display. Too many projects set out to be the gay sex and the city.

    I liked that it’s characters were flawed and not everyone got a neat and happy ending. While some scenarios may be a bit contrived, it was a welcome relief for some of the scenes that were hitting a bit too close to home.

    Overall a very smart, funny, and heartfelt show that might not appeal to everyone but is better for not playing to the lowest common denominator.

  18. darkorient says

    Okay so the acting is not exactly stellar (can’t they find straight-acting men to be Oona’s boyfriends?), but I find the inter-character relations to be refreshing. I didn’t like Jack at first but in the end he’s my favorite one. The ending between Mitchell and Jack was also sweet, and I’m still rooting for the new boyfriend, too. Everything about the show is not traditional, not even great, but it has definitely grown on me. Congratulations, I’m going to miss the series. *From an Indonesian fan*

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