The Episode 6 Finale of ‘The Outs’ is Here, Plus a Brief Talk with Creator Adam Goldman: VIDEO


“Significant Others”, the final episode in The Outs, Adam Goldman’s web series about gay life in NYC, has hit the web.

If you haven’t been following this six-episode, Kickstarter-funded serial, here are Episode 1, Episode 2Episode 3, Episode 4, and Episode 5 which you may want to watch first.

Watch Episode 6, AFTER THE JUMP

GoldmanI spoke with Goldman today and asked him a few questions, which he kindly answered.

What’s next for the series?

“We’ll be shooting The Outs Chanukah Special over the next few months, which will be sort of a capstone on the series. It’ll let us check in on the characters a little ways down the line, revisit some things and tie up a few loose ends. We also have an event at the Brooklyn Museum on the horizon for early next year and we’ll be talking more about that in the near future.”

I also asked if he had entertained any offers for the series from television networks, what’s next on his plate, and what, if any, surprises he encountered filming his first web series:

I think one thing I’ve learned in making the show – and you can file this under biggest surprise, too – is that people really want something like this, and they’re not getting it anywhere else. When we started, we didn’t know if we’d be able to make more than just our first episode, both for financial reasons and because we weren’t sure if anyone would be interested in the story we wanted to tell.

I think it’s about time that something like The Outs found its way onto television. If it’s not us, it’ll be someone else, and since we’re already in this space and doing something that people are responding to, we would obviously be happy (and honored) to be the people telling this story to a television audience.

There are other projects that we (myself and the Outs creative team) are discussing at the moment. I’m writing a pilot (for TV) and there are a couple of web-based projects in the works that we’d like to develop. Staying online allows a lot of versatility in terms of content/format that you don’t get in other mediums and that’s very appealing, even if nobody has figured out how to make a living staying online just yet.

The Outs: Significant Others from The Outs on Vimeo.


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