FBI Agent Frederick W. Humphries’ ‘Shirtless Pic’ Just A ‘Joke’


Some facts: Frederick W. Humphries is the FBI agent to whom Jill Kelley turned after Paula Broadwell, the biographer with whom David Petraeus has admitted an affair, sent her threatening letters. Humphries began the investigation but was dismissed after the bureau found out he sent the above picture to Kelley.

Many assumed this picture was indicative of yet another romantic twist in the case, but Humphries says he sent the picture to dozens of friends, and that it was simply a “tongue-in-cheek joke,” the Seattle Times reports. The caption to the picture, which features Humphries between two SWAT training dummies, read “Which one’s Fred?” Now we know.

Kelley was not and is not his mistress, says Humphries. She was just another name in his address book.

The paper has more on Kelley’s involvement in the Patraeus scandal:

Humphries took Kelley’s concerns to the FBI cybercrime division, but
later was worried that the FBI was dragging its feet — possibly for
political reasons — and took his worries to U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert.

Reichert, R-Auburn, took Humphries’ concerns to House Majority Leader
Eric Cantor, who took the message to FBI Director Robert Mueller.
Congressional leaders have since complained that they weren’t told about
the probe until Petraeus resigned three days after the election.

The paper also noted, “Among his friends and associates, Humphries was known to send dumb-joke
emails in which the punch line was provided by opening an attached


  1. Icebloo says

    Anyone with any brain cells can see this was just a joke.

    The problem is the media is 99% owned by right wing Republicans like Rupert Murdoch so they are trying to whip everyone into an anti-Obama frenzy by attacking the FBI and the handling of the incidents by the government.
    The plain truth is that no matter which party is in government there will ALWAYS be scandals. The difference is the Republican owned media buries the story when the Republicans themselves are to blame.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Sean: thanks.

    According to the Seattle Times: The photo was sent in 2010 from his joint personal account with his wife and was posted in the office by his supervisor, but is only NOW getting him in trouble?

  3. Mark says

    The utterly complete “mountain out of a mole hill”.

    Seems Everybody sas been looking at silly pics and didn’t notice their boats were gliding gracefully over the fiscal cliff.

  4. Doubting Thomas says

    Just goes to show how the media has been selectively fed information about the case, and how the media in turn has reported with the most salacious tint possible.

    That said, Humphries does not sound like a legitimate whistle-blower, rather a politically-motivated agent. He’ll should probably go to work now for one of the neo-Con private security companies.

  5. Bill says

    When you compare the innuendo in the press about “shirtless pictures” and the reality – it could as well have been a family picture taken at the beach – you really have to wonder about the U.S. media.

  6. says

    One can’t help wonder if at the end of the day what we really need isn’t so much an investigation of the ‘sex rompers’ but that of the investigators themselves….

    So to get back to the question at the bottom of the Humphries photo, ‘which one is Fred?’ He’s the ‘dummy’ with the erection….


  7. Jon says

    This is certainly not what was portrayed on the news.

    He is kidding around – and the similarities with the dummies make it funny. The news media needs to remember that sometimes men don’t wear shirts and that in itself is not scandalous.

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