1. ggggb says

    I feel like, as a gay man, these kinds of things are trying to condition me to take this sort of relationship seriously. And I feel like you’re doing a disservice to the community.

  2. RK says

    @GGGB – Why would you not take this “kind” of relationship seriously? Do you assume a hetero one is more serious? You do a disserve to the community with that kind of mindset.

    Congratulations to both guys and much happiness to them and their very serious relationship, no their very serious MARRIAGE! and future family if they choose to have one.

  3. shane says

    GGGGB, I think you have a valid point that you want to make. But you’d either have to choose a different place and time to make it, or elaborate more in this post to not seem bitter/jealous/fearful/judgmental.

  4. House of El says

    That was so beautiful and touching. When I saw the family and friends crying, I started to cry. That was such a wonderful way to start the day off. Cheers!

  5. Eric says


    Satire is very, very, very hard to pull off in one or two written sentences, especially without emoticons; perhaps that’s why Jonathan Swift needed 3376 words for “A Modest Proposal”.

  6. WDS says

    Lovely wedding!!! Lovely video!! I too wish them a long and happy married life!!!

    Side bar: No, I don’t think GGGGB was being satiric. I’ve met far too many like that in my years (66 and counting) who are not happy with anything that reflects happiness in others. Thankfully, those kind are in the minority. and who knows, some of them may grow up to realize the universe is NOT co-dependent on their mood. I’m just saying ….

  7. Jim says

    Adorable couple, great video. Unfortunately, what GGGGB said, in either seriousness or satire, is exactly what the antigay forces say: that these relationships are not to be taken seriously. They’re a phase, an addiction, a goof. According to the homophobes, a crack whore marrying a john at 3 AM in Vegas, officiated by an Elvis impersonator, has more value than this loving gay relationship. That’s why these videos need to be seen and heard everywhere. People DO need to be conditioned to take this sort of relationship seriously, because it is serious and they’re not used to seeing it. Only through visibility do we ultimately get our equality.

  8. jamal49 says

    @ROBWEST: Neither did I, my friend. Neither did I. And it is beautiful.

    Congratulations, Tony and Kevin. May you have 1,000 X 1,000 years of happiness together.

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