1. Robert says

    I hope that, win or lose, President Obama publicly replies to this.
    #Drew, she may have had a little adult help, but that doesn’t change the message or its sincerity. She is 10, after all.

  2. PJW says

    I truly hope our President responds to this. I know he’s in the middle of a campaign, oh, yes, and being President, but he would rise even higher in my estimation if he responds to this little girl.

  3. says

    Do you kmow if this ad,””, is available in a non-flash format that I can share in Facebook on my ipad?

  4. says

    This is a sad commentary from this intelligent child about the crossroads that our country is in. I hope that this type of a letter lays out how damaging damming comments from politicians such as the Republican Presidential Ticket are harmful for adults, children and families. This child has to deal with problems at school because of the lack of education provided to children about the facts of being gay or lesbian.

  5. ComeOnYo says

    Some day she will tell her own kids how she was picked upon for having two dads, and how she got over it and grew stronger. “Those were still dark times”, she will tell. Generational changes at play. Old farts die, new blood don’t find that hard to understand.

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