GOP Super PAC Plans to Spend $4 Million to Elect Gay Republican Kevin James as Mayor of Los Angeles

Kevin James, a gay Republican former prosecutor who is running for mayor of Los Angeles and has been struggling to get his messaging out may get some help from a wealthy GOP donor, the L.A. Times reports:

JamesFred Davis, a GOP advertising man who has worked on campaigns for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S. Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina and former President George W. Bush, said the Better Way LA committee has raised nearly $500,000 on behalf of James and plans to collect at least $3.5 million more.

The PAC is the first outside committee to form on behalf of a mayoral candidate in the March 5 election. Davis, who lives in Hollywood, said a victory for James, a former prosecutor who is both gay and Republican, could ignite a "rebirth" of the GOP in California, where Democrats hold two-thirds of the seats in the Legislature, and Republican voter registration has fallen below 30%.

L.A. campaign finance rules limit candidates from receiving more than $1,300 from a single donor but Super PACs can spend as much as they want.

Davis said he would even the playing field by putting the blame for the city's financial crisis on the other three leading candidates — City Controller Wendy Greuel and City Council members Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry — and identifying James as "the only one capable" of fixing the city.

"He's the only one of the four who wasn't part of the problem," said Davis, chairman of Better Way LA, which filed formation papers with the city Ethics Commission last week.


  1. hugo says

    Wow. The Gays are now becoming the savior of the GOP, at least in CA? What will be left for the “Christian” crazies? They will have to start their own Bejesus Party, after all.

  2. PAUL B. says

    I live in Ca. There’s three gay republicans in Ca….all pretending to be part of a large group of gay repubs. Loud mouths and arrogant…desperately looking to be something they’re not. I wouldn’t completely ignore them but I wouldn’t sacrifice a minute of sleep worrying about them either…I’m sure there’s a few gay turtles, moles & gophers out here too….but who really cares?

  3. Nullnaught says


    Honestly, that is what you think is important “BRAINS?” Whether this candidate wins or not you think is the point? You don’t see the greater point that the GOP has given up on the Christian Right more important than a win or loss in this one fight?

  4. Nullnaught says

    @Miguel R.

    That is true. He is far too white. It used to be, if you where white, you could get elected in L.A., but that will probably never happen again; nor is a gay person likely to be elected anywhere south of SLO. Too many people who’s culture is virulently homophobic down there. Too bad; it used to be a nice place. Except for the smog.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    are you saying that LA has more homophobes than Houston? The various “cultures” in Houston voted for a White Lesbian. It can happen in LA…to a Democratic one, of course.

  6. StillMarriedinCA says

    Our current Mayor here in LA is one of THE most vocal supporters of same-sex marriage and LGBT rights that you could ever hope for. As is our Governor. Tell us again how virulently homophobic our people are. You know nothing about it.

  7. Icebloo says

    When will these evil Republicans and ever more evil “gay Republicans” just go away ? Why don’t they form their own twisted, evil country and leave us alone ?

  8. PeteP says

    Kevin, go be a gay Republican in Kentucky. I’m sure you will feel very welcome there. In the meantime, please don’t infect L.A. politics with your dirty PAC money. Go away.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Jane Ride: Thanks for the URL. LOL! That *should* be enough to torpedo him from any serious run for a political office for the rest of his life. Except he’s a Republican:( In 2008, he already had three talking points down pat: the Democrats hate Israel, Bush II’s record of embassy/consulate problems is irrelevant, and bash Obama at every possible opportunity. He should high tail it to Faux News where shouting blather is the norm.

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