1. Javier says

    I am glad the Governor is optimistic. But based on polling numbers and the awful history of such votes, I am not. In fact, I think there is a growing chance we lose all four referenda Tuesday.

  2. jason says

    I would prefer to be optimistic about these equality votes but I know I’m going to be disappointed. People – including liberals -tend to say one thing to the pollsters and another thing to their voting machines. I’m predicting right here right now that all equality votes will fail next Tuesday.

  3. UFFDA says

    I swear O’Malley has the sweetest face and smile I’ve ever seen. Big swoon. It cheers me to look at him. I hope he’s right about the Maryland vote but if he’s not we can keep a winning attitude anyway and by it win ultimately.

  4. Anthony says

    Why is everybody so down? Seriously, yes we were disappointed in the past, but people’s views change over time. Let’s just hope this time it’s enough to put us over the top. I think we will barely eek it out in MD.

  5. Rick says

    We all hope we can all get married but the truth is putting it to a vote by the masses is not a good idea, no more than if they put it to a vote in the south for a black man to marry a white woman, they masses would vote no. That is why we have a justice system to protect the minorities under the United States Constitution where it says equal justice under the law for all Americans. That was the only way that the African Americans got their equal rights and Civil Rights in America, the Highest Courts, the Supreme Court had to give them their rights like other Americans who denied them their equal rights. You can not trust a mob to give freedom, that has been proven time and time again. The mob knows this and that is why they want it to be put to a vote. Again if people in the south were given a chance to vote on freeing the black slaves in 1860 we would still have blacks in chains as slaves today.

  6. Mary says

    I fear that the news on Tuesday may not be so good, but I’d still rather see marriage equality arrive by popular vote than court decisions. The aftermath of court-imposed gay marriage laws may not be pretty. Ultimately, the people can always circumvent even a Supreme Court decision with a constitutional amendment to define marriage as one-man-one-woman. Not likely, but it’s possible.

    If I had money to donate to this cause I’d pick one state – either Maine or Washington – to donate to. Maryland and Minnesota are not good bets because of the Catholic and evanelical votes. Maine and Washington are more secular and likely to provide a victory. And we reach a turning point when even ONE state approves marriage equality by public referendum.