1. Ryan says

    While I totally agree with the message, the music and the editing of that video were really grating on my nerves by the end.

  2. David says

    Really don’t like this guy. He’s more interested in gaining popularity and appearing a certain way than actually pushing the message. And second, his message is kind of stupid. He’s like essentially conceding that he thinks Romney would be better than Obama in terms of the economy, but that gay rights are more important. I’m willing to bet Ryan guy doesn’t know much about any of the issues. Obama is better on all fronts.

  3. antb says

    well then Scott that would kind of make you an idiot wouldn’t it, to vote for a man who supports a constitutional amendment to keep you a second-class citizen?

    on the other hand, in your case, he may be right.

  4. Maguita says

    @SCOTT is not gay.

    No American aware of his/her rights, who knows how to read, who knew how to click and watch this clip, would ever in his/her right mind vote for a divisive, xenophobic, homophobic, and all over begot, elitist twit like Mitt Romney.

    Grow a pair already, and take charge of your life and rights as an American citizen. And stand up ON EQUAL FOOTING AS ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  5. Stefan says

    Even if this video itself doesn’t reach enough of those 1 in 5 voters to make an electoral difference, I hope that it will at least push the rest of us to talk about why LGBT rights are not just about single issue voting for us.

  6. Mark says

    This dude’s “fierce diva” persona is so annoying.

    Every time he is in a video he talks like at any moment he’s about break into his own rendition of “And I Am Telling You (I’m Not Going).”

    I appreciate the intent of his videos but the delivery needs work. He has the right to do whatever he wants but if you want to appeal to more people the angry diva has to go…

  7. AJ says

    I don’t know Ryan James Yezak personally, but I hope that those of you who have commented on his voice, editing, and or entire video will be submitting your own video to help educate our community about speaking to those who are considering giving their vote to Romney.

    I think Ryan is doing a great job, and we all on the day before the elections should concentrate on calling, talking, and urging our brothers and sister to vote no matter who they decide.

  8. Joseph says

    Shaming LGBT Americans who support Mitt Romney seems awfully un-American to me and could almost be considered a form of voter suppression. Isn’t it time to stop using wedge issues to determine who you’ll vote for? Don’t forget that a Democrat signed DOMA into law (Clinton). And I guess Obama’s recent decision to support same-sex marriage (in an election year!) is just proof that he’s come down with a case of “romnesia.” Barack Obama doesn’t care about gays, he just wants our votes.

  9. MarkUs says

    I already voted Mitt. What this queen doesn’t realize is a President doesn’t go around small business bashing. He’ll lose every time . For all the political brilliance he’s supposed to harbor, he sure is in idiot-mode most of the time.

  10. says


    We have always had taitors; we always will have traitors:
    there has always been one who sold the Pass,cf: Thermopalae;
    who opened the gates;
    who lit the signal fire for the enemy;
    who took the thirty pieces of silver.

    Thanks Scott.

  11. MichaelJ says

    Obama is certainly a lot better for “the economy,” unless by the economy one means the wealth of Americans with the highest incomes. Economic output, productivity, the number and quality of jobs, per capita income, the health and security of most Americans, the nation’s infrastructure, educational opportunities, the natural environment and the government’s deficit, among other economic indicators, would all be worse under the prescriptions of radical right-wind Republican ideology, which Romney is destined to pursue.

  12. Ian says

    I couldn’t stand watching the guy on this video for more than 30 seconds. He was almost as annoying as Romney. But don’t vote Romney.

  13. Tristram says

    @ricardo. So true, Hitler did have Jewish collaborators. He also had high profile gay supporters who thought the third reich would bring about another Roman Empire. Sadly they too were never heard from again, and most probably now lie in a mass grave near Sachsenhausen.

    It’s a slippery slope friends.

  14. Francis says

    Most Republican/conservative gays are either the types who think that lots of money will get them by without the equal rights (and they think Republicans are the party best served to create policies that give them that money), or they’re the types that resent liberalism, what the gay community stands for, and are basically your garden variety straight social conservative who happens to be attracted to the same-sex.

    People like Scott and Markus DO NOT care about gay rights. They are all about the $$$$$$. Then others like Jason, are basically anti-gay homosexuals.

    I’ve given up talking sense to them. They aren’t worth it.

  15. says

    well done.

    and anyone who believes that they can do it better can stop typing, get their webcam running, and do it better.

    and then post and share it.

    because you apparently know how to do it better. so do it.

  16. Kyle M. Sullivan says

    Lots of bitching about Ryan James not being nice and sweet and charismatic in his video, but I don’t see any of the bitchers doing a video and posting it, themselves. As for anyone who votes Romney, not just Gays, I consider you traitors to everything this country stands for. And if you are gay and vote for him, you are spitting in our faces, on top of it.

  17. Tim in MT says

    I noticed this blog completely ignored Signorile telling a gay Romney voter to go commit suicide.

    Thanks for the bias, but this blog just makes me not even want to identify as gay ever again…

  18. Dee says

    I am voting for Obama tomorrow – not just because of the gay rights issue, but because I believe in him across the board. However, I would not vote for either if they both thought like Romney when it comes to gay people and their civil rights. NO ONE has the right to judge the way others live if they are not hurting anyone. Being gay doesn’t make me, or anyone else, an less of a person.

  19. UFFDA says

    That was a little repellent I would say, especially with that rather loathsome screamer at the beginning. The stereotypers are such obnoxious cow pies. Bleh!

  20. sparklekittens says

    Go vote! Get your friends to vote. Let’s show these people that the LGBT folks can swing this election. Go now!

  21. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Joseph: “Don’t forget that a Democrat signed DOMA into law (Clinton).”

    Sometimes we have to make do with the best of two evils. (sigh)


    Some years ago I commented to a staight ally that I did not like the idea of single-issue voting. She explained it should be OK if one’s own life were at stake. And for LGBT voters it is. Just remember that some of the Religious Right want to recriminalize LGBT behavior and even to put us in concentration camps. While I hope that the majority of the Religious Right is not so hateful, let’s not give them a chance with a Romney election and a Romney SCOTUS.

  22. Miguel A. Mendoza says

    I voted for Romney/Ryan today — via absentee ballot. I’m not a one issue voter and I’m not going to put the comfort of having a gay-friendly president over jobs, the economy, etc., etc. The gay community has tried to turn this whole election into some subliminal theme about “equality,” and treating Obama as Moses simply because he endorsed same sex marriage — while overlooking every other issue at stake. Obama hasn’t made good on most of the promises he proclaimed in 2008, but because he threw a bone to gay marriage I’m supposed to overlook all that and see him as some sort of demigod.

    I say with no hesitation, shame or remorse that I voted for Romney…and no I’m not part of GoProud, nor am I a Log Cabin Republican. I’m a democrat who has voted for every democratic presidential nominee (including Obama in ’08) since becoming eligible to vote. He let me down and I’m not interested in having another 4 years of him in office, breaking more promises and not living up to the expectation.

    I’m not 100% sold on Romney, but I need some new blood…and if he sucks, then in 2016, I’ll just vote for someone else.

  23. pleasevote says

    go vote. it’s fun and educational. you’ll meet new people. but mostly, go vote. vote.

  24. jd says

    Gay people should be ashamed of voting for Mitt Romney–as should anybody. No candidate who thinks that Americans should be able to be fired for being gay should receive support or respect from ANYBODY, gay or straight.

  25. simon says

    All those voting for Romney here will not change the fact that his chance of winning is down to 8% now. In order to win, he may need the help of God or master Okawa advertized on this page.

  26. Paul C.K. says

    I find it interesting that when claiming that they are not “one issue voters” some people continually mention only one issue when defending their support of Romney…”the economy”. This is especially ridiculous when many experts – experts mind you not the rest of us – persist in saying that the economy will improve REGARDLESS of who is elected. So throw that reasoning out with the garbage that a vote for Romney will help and a vote for Obama will hinder the economy. And I am so surprised that conservatives are so concerned about “jobs” considering they really do not care about the welfare of others, if they did they would be democrats.
    Obama’s presidency is hardly “one issue” anyway. It is more than just about equal rights for ALL Americans. It is about fair and even taxation, it’s about health care, regulating greedy banking practices, it is about being a leader in world politics promoting peace and democracy and not the world’s bully policeman starting wars on phony premises, it is about actually being a Democratic Republic protecting the minority against the tyranny of the majority, keeping us from becoming a theocracy of sorts, and it is about much more than this but I have run out of time…

  27. Bobby says

    Gays who vote for Romney/Ryan have daddy issues. They hate themselves so they take it out on the rest of us.

  28. Caliban says

    All I’ve got to say is that if you’re gay and you vote for Mitt Romney you’re a f*cking FOOL!

    And I mean that. A blithering idiot.

    Not *just* because of his stance on gay issues, though those are very important. He not only wants to limit the rights you get in the future but ROLL BACK rights you already have. If that isn’t a deal breaker for you when it comes to voting FOR someone, enabling to DISable you, then you’re beyond hope. Even slugs have an impulse for self-preservation- a biological imperative that seems to have skipped you entirely.

    But lets put all that aside for a moment. Please explain why you think Mitt Romney’s policies and leadership skills are ANY different from George W Bush. Why do you support someone who has been secretive about his own taxes, his Caymon Island and Swiss bank accounts, his religious beliefs and their influence on his political stances, AND has never spelled out exactly what his plans ARE? Because he’s a wealthy “businessman”? For Mitt Romney it can truly be said “He DID NOT build that.” His father did. The biggest deprivation Mitt Romney has ever faced in his life is when he had to sell some his stock when he attended college. Oh, the horror! He’s a man who thinks “Borrow money from your dad to start your own business!” is valid and reasonable advice to people struggling in this economy. After all, that’s what HE did it worked out great, so he thinks it should be just as easy for you. What makes you think that a Romney-backed round of tax cuts for the wealthy will somehow fix things when it has been done many times and not only didn’t it work but it has created the largest income gap in a modern Western country, more closely resembling the income distribution found in 3rd World countries?

    It’s insane. It’s like you’re just BEGGING for another heaping plate of sh*t to devour, having already choked down a plate of it served to you by George W Bush. The only thing I can take from that is you must really love the taste of it.

  29. says

    that’s just it, Caliban – you can’t actually point to Romney’s policies and say “yeah, this guy has a fiscal plan to help america”

    it aint there. screw the poor. screw the middle classes. tax breaks for the wealthy, while they ship jobs overseas and away from Americans.

    what makes a gay man vote Republican? his own racism, his own inability to stand up to the bigots who birthed him, and a desperate insecurity about his life as a reluctant homosexual.

    getting honesty from a gay republican is like getting honesty from an evolution-denying Creationist – at some point in the conversation it becomes shockingly apparent that their state of willful ignorance is their only coping mechanism for the sorry state of their own lives.

  30. endo says

    A gay man with the surname Mendoza voted for Romney? Now I’ve heard everything!

    You really should see a shrink about your poor self-esteem.

  31. Caliban says

    From Pulitzer-winning playwright Dough Wright:

    “I wish my moderate Republican friends would simply be honest. They all say they’re voting for Romney because of his economic policies (tenuous and ill-formed as they are), and that they disagree with him on gay rights. Fine. Then look me in the eye, speak with a level clear voice, and say, ‘My taxes and take-home pay mean more than your fundamental civil rights, the sanctity of your marriage, your right to visit an ailing spouse in the hospital, your dignity as a citizen of this country, your healthcare, your right to inherit, the mental welfare and emotional well-being of your youth, and your very personhood.’”

    It’s this next part of Wright’s words that I think are HUGELY important, inescapably true. If I knew how to post it in BOLD letters and a larger font, I would.

    “It’s like voting for George Wallace during the Civil Rights movements, and apologizing for his racism. You’re still complicit. You’re still perpetuating anti-gay legislation and cultural homophobia. You don’t get to walk away clean, because you say you “disagree” with your candidate on these issues.”