IGLHRC Lost Massive On-Site Archives In Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy's ramifications continue to be felt across New York, including at International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's downtown office, where thousands of archived materials were lost.

From the group's Facebook message, posted yesterday:

Today, IGLHRC learned that the 8 ft of water and
gasoline that filled the basement of our NY office destroyed our on-site
archives and publications. We fight to memorialize LGBT communities
every day, and with your support, we will re-build our history and

If you'd like to help IGLHRC rebuild, donate HERE.


  1. Mark Twain says

    Maybe the words: you don’t put paper archives in a basement didn’t reach them before this? Repeat after me : you don’t put paper archives in a basement !!! Silly.

  2. Pete N SFO says

    I live on the West Coast, but for years lived on the East Coast. The difference between an earthquake & a hurricane, is that with a hurricane you know for days that it’s coming.

    So, how the fk do the archives remain in a basement when every news outlet is reporting on the potential flooding of the city?

    I know it’s our history to be preserved, but seriously, why would anyone give these folks another dime?

  3. American Dreamer says

    Wow there was plenty of advance notice that this storm was expected to flood lower Manhattan.

    DTC and the other businesses I worked with removed all sensitive material from their basement level.

    Even the art galleries in West Chelsea moved their art to higher ground

    It is astonishing this archive tool such a stupid gamble. They deserve to be shut down

  4. Dev says

    “We fight to memorialize LGBT communities every day. . .”

    There is no such thing as LGBT. This group doesn’t even claim to be “LGBT”. The group is the “Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.” Obviously, the founders knew more about what it means to be gay than the current incompetents who run it. Not only does the current management not understand the importance of digitizing historical documents, and keeping important documents out of the basement during a superstorm, but it also thinks that gay people should be equated with transsexuals.

  5. EchtKultig says

    Sorry. What a bunch of idiots. First of all, unless it was a special climate controlled facility – which I doubt – a basement is a terrible place to store paper documents. Too moist, and I’ve noticed in many urban office buildings, subject to gaseous contamination from sewers. This is why there are many off-site storage companies for corporate documents, with non-water fire suppression and climate control. They are probably all situated in non-flood areas too.

    Hope there wasn’t anything too important down there.

  6. jamal49 says

    Mark Twain: Seems simple, doesn’t it? Especially in an area that is known to be vulnerable to flooding, even if it is heavy rainfall. There are dozens of sites around the NYC area specifically for storing paper archives and other perishable data (water-tight, bomb-proof, fire-proof, etc). I am amazed sometimes at how poorly-managed and poorly-administered are LGBT organizations! I mean, I’ll contribute and all, but my god! How stupid and incompetent are the people who run IGLHRC?

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