1. jason says

    Ke$ha is one reason why the American music scene is in a depression right now. These no-talent females who mime or use AutoTune are being signed to contracts in preference to women who can actually belt out a note. The purpose is not to enhance music but to use the music scene as a stepping stone in a much wider strategy which includes selling perfume and cosmetics, movie roles etc etc etc.

    There are tons of females out there with actual talent who are not being signed, not to mention gay and bisexual men. They are being passed over in favor of the no-talent females.

  2. Robert says

    I’m so happy Ke$ha is finally showing off her true voice. Yes, her autotuned dance beats are fun to listen to, but it makes it seem like she has zero talent, when in reality, she actually has a decent voice. This isn’t the BEST representation of that, but it’s there.

  3. jason says


    I have to agree with you. I’ve been constantly appalled at gay men who dance to fake divas who couldn’t hold a note if you paid them. Gay men have contributed to the destruction of the American music scene.

    Where once gay men cultivated talent, now they cultivate trash.

  4. Drew says

    Never put someone down unless you’re helping them up, you nasty-sounding gays. Ke$ha’s music fills the void for DANCE music (working out is awesome to her!) and that’s all it’s meant for.

    Do you haters dance to Barbara Streisand or something? Christ, Ke$ha’s music has a beat, a decent set of pop lyrics to keep your mind clear and just sounds fun, unlike your complaining and musical snobbery.

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